Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: elevate your mobile photography

Compare the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro to find the perfect balance between established excellence and the next level of innovation in mobile devices.

I really want to change, and Pixel’s newest top-of-the-line phones are really competing for my money. I’m torn between the 7 Pro and the 8 Pro because they are both sleek and run on Google. The 7 Pro has been my faithful friend for a year, and it still takes beautiful pictures and runs like butter.

But the 8 Pro whispers sweet nothings of tech that will work in the future, a better ultrawide lens, and that cool new face unlock for my banking apps. It costs $100 more, but is the extra money worth it? This mental tug-of-war makes me look at specs, compare cameras, and think deeply about whether I really need the 7 Pro’s temperature sensor (turns out, maybe not?).

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Pricing

The price tag for the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Google Pixel 8 Pro is identical, beginning at $899 for both models. Because of this, the decision between the two is mostly determined by the individual’s taste for the most recent capabilities and features of each.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro Comparison Table

Google Pixelverse, get ready for this: I’m about to take these phones apart like a tech surgeon looking for the best upgrade. Let the Pixel battle begin!

FeatureGoogle Pixel 7 ProGoogle Pixel 8 Pro
Display6.7″ LTPO OLED, 3120 x 1440, 120Hz6.7″ LTPO OLED, 2992 x 1344, 120Hz
Peak Brightness1500 nits2400 nits
ProcessorTensor G2Tensor G3
RAM8GB or 12GB12GB
Storage128GB, 256GB, or 512GB128GB, 256GB, or 512GB
Rear Camera50MP (wide), 48MP (telephoto), 12MP (ultrawide)50MP (wide), 12MP (ultrawide), 48MP (telephoto) with autofocus
Check PriceCheck Price

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Design

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro

In terms of design, the two Pixel phones have the same recognisable camera bar, although there is a slight difference between them. As a result of its thinner bezels and increased peak brightness, the Pixel 8 Pro provides a little broader canvas for you to display your material on.

The 8 Pro features a polished “Obsidian” black colour, which emphasises its sleekness, in contrast to the 7 Pro, which offers a variety of colour options. In general, it is a case of near-twins, with the 8 Pro edging ahead in terms of polished detail and brighter colour choices than the other. Which do you prefer: more traditional allure or more contemporary polish?

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Display

There are a few areas in which the Pixel 8 Pro is superior to its sister, despite the fact that both Pixels feature eye-catching 6.7-inch OLED panels with flawless refresh rates of 120Hz. It boasts a slightly greater resolution, which results in writing that is more distinct, and its peak brightness surpasses 2400 nits, which guarantees that it is perfectly readable even in environments that are flooded with sunlight. The Pixel 7 Pro is capable of holding its own with a respectable 1500 nits, but the Pixel 8 Pro is by much superior when it comes to providing the best possible visual experience.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Processor

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro

Both the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Google Pixel 8 Pro come equipped with the cutting-edge Google Tensor 2 chip, which was developed specifically for use in Pixel smartphones. The Tensor 2 is an advance over its predecessor in the Pixel 6 series.

It features a more powerful graphics processing unit (GPU), a quicker central processing unit (CPU), and a new neural processing unit (NPU) that is capable of performing increased machine learning tasks like as speech and picture recognition. When compared to the Tensor processor that came before it, the Tensor 2 chip is particularly notable for its superior energy efficiency, which promises to result in a longer battery life for both the Pixel 7 Pro and the Pixel 8 Pro.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Cameras

Both Pixs have great cameras, but there are some small changes. Because it has a better camera and a wider lens, the Pixel 8 Pro takes better low-light and ultrawide photos than the Pixel 6. The selfie camera now has autofocus, and the 2x zoom makes things look better. Pixel 7 Pro can compete; it does well in portrait mode and does about as well in daylight.

The 8 Pro is better for video, with higher quality and smoother 4K recording. In the end, it comes down to what’s most important to you: the 8 Pro is better in low light and ultrawide shots, while the 7 Pro is better for portraits and costs less. Both take beautiful pictures, which makes pixel splitting a fun problem to solve.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: Battery

There is a robust battery performance integrated into both the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Google Pixel 8 Pro. This performance is increased by the efficient Google Tensor 2 chip. Additionally, the updated processor guarantees that power consumption is optimised, which contributes to an improved battery life for both of the devices. The breakthroughs in energy economy that are generated by the Tensor 2 technology have made it possible for users to anticipate a mobile experience that is dependable and long-lasting when they use these Pixels.

Google Pixel 7 Pro: Pros

  • Top-notch camera
  • Clean and smooth software
  • Bright and vivid display
  • Unique design

Google Pixel 7 Pro: Cons

  • Average battery life
  • Slow charging

Pixel 8 Pro: Pros

  • Longer battery life due to energy-efficient technology.
  • Upgraded camera capabilities for superior photography.
  • 5G connectivity for faster data speeds.
  • High-quality AMOLED display with potential enhancements.

Pixel 8 Pro: Cons

  • Design changes might be incremental.
  • The actual battery capacity is not specified.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Pixel 8 Pro: which one should you buy?

However, the Pixel 8 Pro offers some substantial upgrades, particularly in terms of performance, camera, and software. The Pixel 7 Pro is still an excellent phone, but the Pixel 8 Pro offers these improvements. It is recommended that you go with the Pixel 8 Pro if you are looking for the most recent and cutting-edge technology from Google. Nevertheless, the Pixel 7 Pro is still a very good phone, even if you are on a tight budget or if you do not want the most recent device features.


How does the battery life compare between the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro?

Both phones benefit from the energy-efficient Google Tensor 2 chip, promising longer battery life compared to their predecessors. The exact battery capacities and optimizations may differ, so check official specifications for details.

What camera enhancements can we expect in the Pixel 8 Pro over the Pixel 7 Pro?

While specific details may vary, anticipate improvements in the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera capabilities, possibly including higher megapixels, enhanced image processing, or additional features compared to the Pixel 7 Pro.

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