Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: make an informed decision

Uncover the superior display and performance of the Pixel 8 or opt for the Pixel 7a's practicality and impressive camera capabilities – the choice is yours.

Since I use Google Pixel devices all the time, I’m excited to compare their newest products, especially the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a. With its cutting-edge features, the Pixel 8 offers a better smartphone experience. With such a great camera setup, I expect even better shooting skills, building on the Pixel’s reputation for high-quality photos. The Pixel 8 looks like a great upgrade because it might have better display technology and speed.

But the Pixel 7a has a strong following of loyal users thanks to its low price and dependability. With a reputation for providing a clean Android experience and a great camera system, the Pixel 7a is a great option for people looking for a cheap but capable smartphone. Your choice between these two models will depend on your income, your desire for the newest features, and your own personal tastes. As a fan of Pixel phones, I’m looking forward to seeing what the Pixel 8 has to offer while still enjoying the Pixel 7a’s usefulness.

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Pricing

Ok, Google fans, let’s talk about the Pixel chaos. I can’t decide between the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 7a because they are both so nice and cheap. “Flagship camera, faster chip, smoother screen!” my brain yells, but my wallet whispers, “Hey, $449 vs. $599? “You don’t think plastic is that bad?” Argh! Make choices, make choices. What should I do? Do I go all-out for the best Pixel experience, or do I grab the 7a for a good price and hope it doesn’t leave me wanting more? Help someone who loves pixels! Who is on Team 8? Who is on 7a? Let us calm down this Pixel chaos!

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a Comparison Table

Battery life can depend on various factors, including usage patterns. Look for official battery capacity and check reviews for real-world performance.

FeatureGoogle Pixel 8Google Pixel 7a
Display6.2″ OLED, 120Hz refresh rate, 2000 nits peak brightness6.1″ OLED, 90Hz refresh rate, 1400 nits peak brightness
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G3Google Tensor G2
Storage128GB or 256GB128GB
Rear Camera50MP main + 12MP ultrawide64MP main + 13MP ultrawide
Front Camera10.5MP13MP
Check PriceCheck Price

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Design

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a

Featuring a sleek aluminium frame, a glossy glass back, and a camera bar that is flawlessly integrated, the Pixel 8 emanates a premium design. This creates a uniform and polished appearance for the device. The design is light and compact, and it comes in three different colours that are really vivid.

On the other side, the Pixel 7a takes a more straightforward and unobtrusive approach, and it is built from recycled plastic to ensure its endurance. The gadget is available in two classic and subdued colours, giving consumers the option to choose between high aesthetics and practical, ecologically friendly design. Its distinctive camera bar gives a bit of personality to the smartphone, and it is offered in two colours.

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Display

The Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 both have bright OLED screens, but there are some small changes. The Pixel 7a has a 6.4-inch 90Hz screen that makes the experience smooth without breaking the bank. Pixel 8 takes things to the next level with a 6.8-inch 120Hz display that makes scrolling and games more fluid.

The Pixel 7a’s screen is great because it has accurate colours and HDR support, but the Pixel 8’s higher refresh rate might win over people who want the smoothest experience possible. In the end, your price and display needs will determine which one you choose. Pixel 8’s 120Hz might be worth the extra money if you care a lot about how smooth the images look. Pixel 7a is a great phone if you want a good 90Hz screen at a reasonable price.

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Processor

While the Pixel 8 is equipped with Google’s Tensor 2 chip, which is a powerhouse for artificial intelligence and photography, the Pixel 7a is equipped with the older Tensor chip, which is still capable. In layman’s words, the processor of the Pixel 8 is comparable to the engine of a race car, swiftly completing difficult jobs and intricate algorithms.

On the other hand, the processor of the 7a is comparable to a dependable sedan, easily managing day-to-day use. Despite the fact that it is not as spectacular, the chip in the 7a is not a slouch; however, the Pixel 8 is the superior option when it comes to cutting-edge performance and futureproofing. At seventy words, you have completed the first paragraph for the section!

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Cameras

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a

Both devices are impressive in terms of Google’s computational prowess; but, the Pixel 8 has a more expansive ultrawide lens and a specialised telephoto sensor, which allows for more precise zooming. 7a competes with a larger main sensor that excels in low-light conditions and a fun selfie ultrawide that enhances the ability to take group photos.

Video aces include the Pixel 8, which features enhanced stabilisation and cinematic 4K at 60 frames per second. When it comes down to it, the versatility of the 8 makes it the low-light champion, but if your budget permits it, the 7a is the better option for casual photographers who want to take an ultrawide selfie.

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: Battery

Pixel 8 has a slightly bigger 5000mAh battery than Pixel 7a’s 4800mAh battery, so it might last longer. But the 7a might be more efficient because its screen has a lower resolution and its processor isn’t as demanding. Both can be charged quickly, but the 8 has a 30W speed and the 7a has an 18W speed.

In the end, real-world use and personal preferences decide which battery is the best. Pixel 8 might last a little longer on average, but the 7a could surprise you with how well it’s set up. If you use it a lot or top it up often, choose 8, but if you use it moderately and want a good mix, 7a might be enough.

Google Pixel 8: Pros

  • Top-notch camera
  • Clean and smooth software
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Bright and colorful display

Google Pixel 8: Cons

  • No telephoto lens
  • Battery life is good, not great

Pixel 7a: Pros

  • Google’s camera magic
  • Smooth & familiar software
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Compact and comfortable design

Pixel 7a: Cons

  • Camera limitations
  • Battery life might not impress

Google Pixel 8 vs Pixel 7a: which one should you buy?

The Google Pixel 8 or Pixel 7a depends on what’s most important to you. The sleek aluminium frame and glossy glass back of the Pixel 8 give it an upscale appearance. In contrast, the Pixel 7a is more practical due to its recycled plastic construction. The greatest option for those seeking superior features and an upscale appearance is the Pixel 8. Those who value utility and environmental friendliness should consider the Pixel 7a.


Does the Pixel 8 support wireless charging?

Wireless charging availability may vary between models. Confirm this information from the official specifications.

Is the Pixel 8 water-resistant?

Google Pixel phones typically come with some level of water and dust resistance. Refer to the official specifications for details on the Pixel 8.

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