Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: Decoding excellence

The Honor Magic V2, Honor Magic and Honor Magic Vs offer different features, design upgrades and specifications. Get to know the differences to decide which smartphone is right for you.

It feels like the weight of fate can be folded up in my fingers. V2, the more experienced version, tempts with its large canvas, a scene that begs to be explored with buttery smooth swipes. Its old-fashioned beauty makes you think of long days running on its tough battery, like a digital Everest for beating deadlines and prisons. But Vs, the young troublemaker, makes rebellious noises.

Its slim body and lightning-fast engine promise lightning-fast sprints, and apps will bend to its will. Still, there’s a small bit of question in my mind: will its less RAM and better camera make me miss V2’s perfect pixels? This digital battle needs a winner to write my digital fate on a piece of foldable glass. Vs, the quick reformer, or V2, the calm explorer? My thumb is hovering, waiting for the voice of my game soul to speak.

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: Pricing

The big difference in price between Magic brothers shows a different picture. The older V2 costs a princely amount, around $1300, because it has a bigger surface and a smoother outer screen. Vs, the quick younger brother, bows at $1000, making it easier on the pocket and more appealingly cheap.

But this low-cost dance hides hints of sacrifice: Vs lowers the RAM and main camera resolution, making you choose between pixel power and price pride. Pick carefully, because the gold you pledge to the foldable throne will determine the fate of your digital country.

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs Comparison Table

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of which foldable is better. Consider your needs and budget carefully before making a decision.

FeatureHonor Magic V2Honor Magic Vs
Display7.9in FOLDABLE LTPO OLED 120Hz (Inner)6.45in OLED 120Hz (Inner)
Secondary Display5.4in OLED 10Hz (Outer)6.5in OLED 120Hz (Outer)
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 1Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus
Rear Cameras50MP Main + 13MP Ultrawide + 8MP Telephoto54MP Main + 50MP Ultrawide + 8MP Telephoto
Front Camera50MP (Inner)16MP (Inner)

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: Design

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs

The design battle is between beauty and usefulness. As an old man, Magic V2 wraps itself in luxurious curves, and its waterdrop hinge is a teardrop that whispers of classic beauty. Its large internal screen unfolds like a magician’s cloak, creating a space for intense movie scenes. Vs, the young upstart, has a thin profile and a droplet opening that is streamlined, giving up style for pocket-friendly functionality.

Its outside screen, which is a full-fledged entertainment hub in its own right, makes it easy to look at quickly and do things with one hand. So, traveller, make your choice: will you enjoy the royal beauty of V2’s large canvas or the sleek, portable beauty of Vs? The form that speaks to your digital soul is the key to foldable greatness.

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: Display

There is a fight between siblings in the world of displays. The Magic V2 has a beautiful 7.9-inch screen with 120Hz smoothness that is made of LTPO OLED. The 5.4-inch OLED screen on the outside looks out into the world at a steady 10Hz rate.

Vs comes back with a slightly smaller folding screen that is still a beautiful 6.45-inch OLED, but its 6.5-inch OLED screen on the outside steals the show with its 120Hz rhythm. So, pick your spectacle: V2’s vast inner world or Vs’s twin show symphony that works well together? You can decide who wins this fight of pixels with your eyes and thumbs.

Honor Magic V2 vs Honour Magic Vs: Processor

A story about two chips plays out in their shining hearts. The elder V2 holds the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which is a powerful sorcerer that can create immersive worlds and lightning-fast spells. The younger Vs, on the other hand, has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus, which is a more powerful and faster chip.

But, like all sibling rivalries, the power difference is smallโ€”a whisper in benchmarks and a quick flicker in hard jobs. The real choice isn’t about pure magic, but about the spells you want to cast in their foldable worlds.

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: Cameras

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs

The camera confrontation between the Magic siblings reveals divergent points of view. V2, the seasoned photographer, operates a 54MP primary sensor, which records greater scene-specific detail through its brushstrokes. In contrast, Vs, the dexterous challenger, employs a 50MP lens and the identical telephoto magic, forgoing megapixels in favour of focus and quickness.

The supporting ensemble also varies: the V2 features a front camera with a higher resolution for vanity purposes, whereas the Vs provides an ultrawide companion for expansive landscapes. Thus, should pixel accuracy and portrait perfection take precedence? Select V2. Delight in capturing fleeting moments and expansive panoramas? Vs is awaited. Bear in mind that the ideal lens should mirror your photographic spirit.

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: Battery

When it comes to flexible durability, the Magic V2 has a strong 4800mAh battery that can handle apps that need a lot of screen space. Its brother or sister, the Vs, has a slightly smaller 4750mAh battery, making it a quick-moving warrior for short bursts of play.

The 66W fast charging blade is used by both foldables, and it cuts through empty bars in minutes. So, pick your champion: V2, the long-distance runner for long trips, or Vs, the quick sprinter for short digital experiences. Remember that portability and power dance a sensitive tango. Choose your speed, fold-wielder!

Honor Magic V2: Pros

  • Large, immersive foldable display
  • Smooth and durable folding mechanism
  • Powerful performance
  • Decent camera system

Honor Magic V2: Cons

  • High price
  • Heavier than some competitors

Honor Magic Vs: Pros

  • Droplet hinges outperform Magic Vs in smoothness and durability.
  • 54MP main and 50MP ultrawide cameras take amazing shots and movies.
  • Low-downtime 66W rapid charging recharges batteries quickly.
  • The Vs is more pleasant to carry than the Magic V2.

Honor Magic Vs: Cons

  • Lower resolution main camera than V2
  • Limited app optimization

Honor Magic V2 vs Honor Magic Vs: which one should you buy?

Not sure which of the foldable giants, V2 or Vs, to choose? The seasoned warrior, V2, has a bigger canvas, a smoother outer display, and a long battery life, but it costs a royal ransom. When it comes to price and processing speed, Vs is a quick rival that cuts back on RAM and camera power. If image perfection and long sessions are most important to you, pick V2. Accept Vs. if cash whispers and digital sprints call. In the end, the foldable throne will go to the winner who fits your digital soul as well as your wallet.


Is the Magic V2’s outer display really worth the extra cost?

The Magic V2’s 120Hz outer display is smoother and more responsive than the Magic Vs’ 60Hz outer display. However, whether this is worth the extra cost depends on how much you use your phone’s outer display.

Which one is more durable?

Both phones use similar materials and folding mechanisms, so their long-term durability is hard to judge definitively. Both companies offer warranties and repair services for foldable phones.

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