Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic: a comprehensive comparison

To make an informed choice, look into the pros and cons of the Laifen Swift and the Dyson Supersonic.

You’ll probably see a lot of references to the Dyson Supersonic and the Laifen Swift when you search online for the best hair dryers if you’re looking for a new one. While Dyson is a well-known brand in the beauty and lifestyle industries thanks to the release of its Supersonic hair dryer in 2016, the Laifen Swift hair dryer is a relatively new product that was first shown on Indiegogo in 2020 and then sold in 2022.

Although they look similar, the Dyson Supersonic and the Laifen Swift both have straight, light, and easy-to-grip handles that make it easy to dry and style your hair. The powerful 110,000rpm motors and magnetic attachments on both make them worth comparing before you buy. How about picking a hair dryer? You can choose the Dyson Supersonic or the Laifen Swift hair dryer that works best for you by reading our comparison of their features.

Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic: Pricing

The Laifen Swift and the Dyson Supersonic are two well-known high-end hair dryers. There are some important differences between them, especially when it comes to price. Both offer strong airflow and smart heat control. It costs a lot less to buy the Laifen Swift than the Dyson Supersonic. It costs about $100 to $200 at stores, but the Dyson Supersonic starts at $400 and can go up to $500 or more.

The Dyson Supersonic costs more than the other one because it has more advanced technology, like the Dyson Air Multiplier and an intelligent heat control system. The Dyson Supersonic and the Laifen Swift are about the same in terms of how well they work. It has a strong motor that dries hair quickly and evenly, and you can change the speed and heat settings to suit your needs. The Laifen Swift also comes with a diffuser and a concentrator attachment that can be used to style hair.

Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic Comparison Table

The Laifen Swift doesn’t have as many attachments or a stronger motor as the Dyson Supersonic. It does, however, cost a lot more. That being said, the Dyson Supersonic is a great choice if you want a high-quality hair dryer with all the tricks. But the Laifen Swift is a great deal if you are on a tight budget.

FeatureLaifen SwiftDyson Supersonic
MotorAC motorDigital motor V9
Heat Settings34
Speed Settings33
AttachmentsDiffuser, concentratorDiffuser, concentrator, styling brush
Check PriceCheck Price

Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic: Design

The finish on both of these hair dryers looks and feels like it was made by a professional. The control settings make it easy to smooth, style, and dry hair. Both of them have short, rounded barrel tops on thin, straight handles that hide the strong motors. This makes them easy to hold and store. Even though they look and feel the same, the Dyson Supersonic is a bit heavier.

Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing because everyone has different tastes when it comes to hair dryers. The controls on both hair dryers are in the middle of the handle, making them easy to hold. You can hold one in your hand and see the controls with your thumb and index finger.

On the other hand, the Supersonic’s heat and speed controls are on the dryer’s main head, which we think is easier to manage. Putting these controls on the hair dryer’s head makes it harder to press them by accident and change the settings while the dryer is running.

Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic: Noise

The Dyson Supersonic is generally thought to be quieter than the Laifen Swift. According to Dyson, the Laifen Swift makes 59 decibels of noise, while the Dyson Supersonic makes 77 decibels. The Laifen Swift is about 18 decibels louder than the Dyson Supersonic.

Both hair dryers make noise, but one is quieter than the other. A conversation can be held while using the Dyson Supersonic because it is much quieter. The Laifen Swift is still a pretty quiet hair dryer, but the Dyson Supersonic is slightly louder. We recommend the Dyson Supersonic if you can’t stand noise. Still, the Laifen Swift is a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic: Performance

The Dyson Supersonic and the Laifen Swift are both high-quality hair dryers with smart heat control and strong airflow. But there are some important differences between the two, mainly in how well they work. The motor in the Dyson Supersonic is stronger than the motor in the Laifen Swift. This means that the second one can dry hair faster. Plus, it has more heat and speed settings, so you can make the drying process fit your needs better. The Dyson Supersonic also has Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, which helps keep your hair from getting damaged by the heat.

  • Leifen Swift: The Leifen Swift is an easy-to-use hair dryer that is small and light. Strong AC motor dries hair quickly and evenly. It also has three heat settings and three speed settings so you can make the drying process fit your needs. One diffuser attachment and one concentrator attachment come with the Laifen Swift. These can be used to style hair.
  • Dyson Supersonic: This is a sophisticated hair dryer that utilises Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology to swiftly and evenly dry hair. The motor in this one is stronger than the motor in the Laifen Swift. You can also change the speed and heat four times. A diffuser, a concentrator, and a styling brush are all included with the Dyson Supersonic.

Leifen Swift Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Powerful motor dries hair quickly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multiple heat and speed settings

Leifen Swift Cons

  • Fewer heat settings than Dyson Supersonic
  • Fewer speed settings than Dyson Supersonic
  • No styling brush attachment

Dyson Supersonic Pros

  • More powerful motor than Laifen Swift
  • More heat settings than Laifen Swift
  • More speed settings than Laifen Swift
  • Dyson Air Multiplier technology for even drying

Dyson Supersonic Cons

  • Expensive price
  • Bulkier than Laifen Swift
  • Shorter cord length

Which one should you consider?

Overall, we thought that both hair dryers dried hair quickly and well, leaving it smooth and frizz-free. Attachments for both hair dryers are magnetic and easy to put on the hair dryer heads. The controls were also simple to change as needed. The hair dryers feel balanced too, since the motors are in the handle.

Two hair dryers are both lightweight and comfortable to use, but the Dyson Supersonic has more heat and speed settings. You can also choose from more styling attachments, but this comes at a cost. There are a few important differences between the two hair dryers that you should think about before choosing which one will work best for you.


How many decibels is a Laifen hair dryer?

The ionic hair dryer operates at a low noise level of 59dB, so it won’t wake up your family. LAIFEN hairdryer is safe and light—it only weighs 0.9 lb/407g, is small, and can be taken with you anywhere—perfect for home or travel.

Which country made Laifen hair dryer?


What is the best hair dryer to prevent damage?

Supersonic Hair Dryer’s patented Air Multiplier technology makes the motor smaller and lighter while drying hair faster. Plus, 20 times per second, air temperature is checked to maintain it. This reduces heat damage.

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