Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: choosing the better one

Learn the differences between Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere to effectively engage your audience.

As technology changes the way people communicate and interact, interactive presentation tools are becoming more and more important for people and businesses that want to make presentations that are dynamic and have an effect. There are many choices, but Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere stand out as the best. They have gotten a lot of praise for how well they capture audience attention and allow real-time interaction.

One important thing that has helped both Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere become very popular is that they work well with many presentation systems, such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. This compatibility makes sure that the user experience is smooth and efficient, and it makes it easy for speakers to add interactive elements to their slideshows.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Pricing Models and Plans

Mentimeter has three main subscription plans: Basic, Pro, and Business. Each has its own set of tools and can be used by a variety of audience sizes. The Basic plan is a good starting point because it has all the features you need to make slideshows interesting. The most popular option is the Pro plan, which starts at $29 a month and has more features and functions that make it good for a wider range of users. The Business plan has more advanced features, customisation options, and support services to make sure that users with more complex needs and bigger events have a smooth interactive experience.

Poll Everywhere, on the other hand, uses credits instead of money, so users can customise their contract based on how much they plan to use it. There are different credit packs available on the site, with plans starting at $99 for 250 responses. For users whose audience sizes or engagement needs change, this approach gives them a lot of freedom. When users buy points, they can easily keep track of their spending while still using all of Poll Everywhere’s features.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Comparison Table

Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere are two of the best dynamic presentation tools. Each has its own set of features and functions that make it stand out. This detailed comparison table breaks down the most important features, making it easier for you to see the differences and make an informed choice for your presentation.

FeatureMentimeterPoll Everywhere
Ease of UseIntuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionalityUser-friendly platform with straightforward setup
Question TypesVersatile question types, including quizzes and word cloudsDiverse question formats like multiple choice and open-ended
Integration OptionsSeamless integration with various platforms and toolsWide range of integrations with popular applications
CustomizationExtensive design customization optionsBranding customization and personalized themes
Security MeasuresSSL encryption and GDPR complianceHigh-level security protocols and compliance standards
Analytics and ReportingRobust analytics dashboard for insightsDetailed reports and analytics on participant responses
Collaboration FeaturesTeam collaboration tools and real-time editingCollaboration features for shared presentations and data
Pricing FlexibilityFlexible pricing plans for different user needsSubscription-based model with tiered plans
CompatibilityCloud-based solution accessible from any deviceCloud-based solution accessible from any device
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: User Interface and Exp.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere

Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere, two well-known interactive tools for presentations and getting people involved, focus on making their platforms easy for people to use. Mentimeter stands out because it has a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Users are immediately drawn to the platform. The focus on looks not only improves the user experience as a whole, but it also helps make presentations that are interesting and remembered.

Poll Everywhere, on the other hand, is proud to give a simple platform that is easy to use. Its easy-to-use interface makes it possible for everyone, from new speakers to experienced ones, to easily add interactive elements to their talks. Every part of the platform is designed to be easy for users to understand and use. This means that a lot of people can use it without any problems.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Purpose and Features

It is most commonly used for the purpose of generating interactive presentations that incorporate elements such as word clouds, polls, and quizzes. Mentimeter is frequently used for this purpose. It is suitable for use in business presentations, workshops, and learning environments because to its versatility, which makes it suitable for usage in these settings.

Poll Everywhere is an organisation that specialised in real-time audience participation using a variety of mechanisms, including live polls, surveys, and question-and-answer sessions. It works very well in settings that are conducive to learning, the meeting of business professionals, and events that are of a major magnitude.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Integration Options with Other Platforms

Also, Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere can be easily integrated with more than just presentation and collaboration apps. There is no doubt that these platforms are flexible because they work well with many different apps and services, giving users a complete and flexible experience.

Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere both work with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Microsoft Teams. They also offer ways to connect to other popular workflow and communication apps. These could be, but aren’t limited to, tools for sharing documents like Google Docs and Dropbox, for managing projects like Trello and Asana, and for talking to each other like Slack and Zoom.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Compatibility and Integration

It is important to note that the compatibility of Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere goes beyond simply being accessible from any device. The adaptability of these cloud-based solutions is enhanced by the fact that they are designed to interface without any difficulty with well-known presentation software, such as Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Both of these programmes are used in a variety of professional and educational settings.

In addition, both Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere place a strong emphasis on user-friendly interfaces, which enables them to offer compatibility with users with varying degrees of technical expertise. This ensures that anybody, regardless of whether they are experienced presenters or novices, are able to simply build and deliver interactive presentations that are engaging without experiencing any technological restrictions.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Customization Options

Mentimeter gives users the ability to tailor their presentations by selecting from a large number of themes, colours, and font variations. This is in addition to the fact that it provides a vast range of personalisation options. The utilisation of this function is essential for the development of content that is visually appealing as well as for the branding of the company.

Poll Everywhere gives its users the flexibility to personalise their branding, which enables them to incorporate their preferred themes and logos into their presentations on the platform. In spite of the fact that it might not be as complete as Mentimeter, it nevertheless provides a considerable amount of customisable options.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Security and Privacy

Mentimeter cares about user safety, so it uses SSL encryption, which is a well-known and safe way to send data over the internet. This encryption technology makes a safe link between the user’s device and Mentimeter’s computers. This keeps the data sent during polls, presentations, and surveys safe. Mentimeter also happily follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a complete set of data protection laws that are meant to give people more power and protect data privacy in the EU and beyond.

Mentimeter makes sure that user data is treated in a way that is open, honest, and protects privacy rights by following GDPR rules. In the same way, Poll Everywhere puts a lot of effort into making sure that strict security measures are in place to protect user data. Users can be sure that their information is safe on the site because it uses advanced security protocols that meet or go beyond industry standards. Poll Everywhere wants to protect its users from threats and unauthorised entry by using these high-level security measures. This will help the platform stay safe overall.

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere: Data Analytics and Reporting

Mentimeter vs Poll Everywhere

A comprehensive analytics dashboard is provided by Mentimeter. This dashboard includes insights into the participation of participants, trends in reaction, and the results of quizzes. Those speakers who are interested in undertaking in-depth data analysis will find this capability to be helpful.

It is Poll Everywhere that is responsible for providing the comprehensive data and analytics that are available on the responses of the participants. It is possible for presenters to do data analysis in order to gain a deeper comprehension of the preferences of the audience, to keep track of performance, and to enhance the quality of future presentations.

Mentimeter: Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Visually appealing presentation creation tools
  • Extensive customization options

Mentimeter : Cons

  • Higher base price for paid plans
  • Limited free plan features

Poll Everywhere: Pros

  • Flexible credit-based system
  • Strong focus on various poll formats
  • Open-ended question option

Poll Everywhere: Cons

  • Less visually appealing interface
  • Limited customization options

Which one should you consider?

The decision between Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere is one that is determined by personal preferences and the particular circumstances of the situation. It’s possible that Mentimeter is the superior option for users who place a high importance on significant customisation and a wide variety of question kinds, whilst Poll Everywhere might be a better choice for those who are looking for a clear platform that offers robust collaboration tools.


Can I use Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere on mobile devices?

The answer is yes; both Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere can be accessed via mobile devices that have internet connectivity connected to them.

Are there any limitations in the free versions of Mentimeter and Poll Everywhere?

The free versions do, in fact, have some restrictions on the functionality they offer and may also include branding. The unlocking of extra functionalities is a benefit of upgrading to paid plans.

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