Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: which platform is right for you?

Explore their features, pricing, and best use cases to empower your employees.

Microsoft Viva is a platform that features a modular architecture and integrates without any difficulty with the programmes that are already included in Microsoft 365. You might think of it as an add-on suite that improves communication, learning, knowledge management, and insights inside the Microsoft environment that you are already accustomed with.

Imagine a palace that stands on its own and serves as a primary location for all of your communication and interaction requirements. Workvivo provides a single platform that encourages an experience similar to that of social media and is intended to develop bonds of connection and a sense of belonging.

 Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Pricing and Packages

There are tiered plans available for Microsoft Viva, ranging from “Essentials” to “Suite.” Viva is a service that runs on a per-user, per-month basis. Prices change depending on the modules that are selected and the number of users. In spite of this, there is the possibility of cost savings by connection with pre-existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Workvivo has a price system that is based on quotes, and it customises programmes to meet the specific requirements of each unique organisation. This makes it possible to take a more individualised approach, but it could not provide the same level of openness as set pricing schemes.

 Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Comparison Table

The process of selecting the appropriate platform for employee communication and engagement can be challenging. To assist you in making a decision between Microsoft Viva and Workvivo, the following table provides a short comparison:

FeatureMicrosoft VivaWorkvivo
IntegrationDeep integration with Microsoft 365Extensive integrations with various tools
User InterfaceFamiliar Microsoft UIModern and intuitive interface
Collaboration ToolsTeams, SharePoint, Outlook integrationChat, recognition, surveys, and more
Customization OptionsExtensive customization within Microsoft ecosystemHighly customizable with branding options
Use CasesEnterprise-level collaboration and knowledge sharingEmployee engagement and internal communications
SecurityMicrosoft’s robust security infrastructureStringent security protocols and compliance
PricingFlexible model, often bundled with Microsoft 365Transparent pricing based on organizational size
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Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: User Interface and Experience

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo

Utilises the well-known interface of Microsoft 365, providing a smooth experience for users who are already familiar with the platform. The integration of numerous components, on the other hand, might result in significant complexity.

Features a user interface that is uncluttered, user-friendly, and social media-inspired, which encourages adoption and simplicity of use. On the other hand, the limited customisation choices can be considered prohibitive by certain users.

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Functionality

Provides a comprehensive suite of modules, which includes modules for employee communication, learning, well-being, and goal management. Its functionality is improved by integrations with Microsoft programmes like as Teams and SharePoint.

At Workvivo, the emphasis is placed on employee engagement, the cultivation of connections, recognition, and the exchange of information. In addition to having powerful internal communication functions, it also provides onboarding tools that are helpful for newly hired employees.

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Customization Options

Provides a limited number of customisation possibilities, with the primary emphasis being placed on alteration of workflow and branding. The Workvivo platform offers a moderate level of customisation, enabling advanced users to make tweaks to workflows, trademark their products, and integrate some APIs. Workvivo provides a greater degree of flexibility, although both platforms lack the capacity for extensive customisation.

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Use Cases and Industries

The Microsoft Viva platform is an excellent choice for major businesses who have already made investments in the Microsoft ecosystem, particularly for the purposes of learning and goal management. Workvivo is a flexible solution that is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and mid-sized enterprises all over the world, particularly those that place an emphasis on employee engagement and communication. When making decisions, take into account the size of your firm, the sector you operate in, and unique use cases.

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Security and Compliance

Regarding digital workplace solutions, security is of the utmost importance. The extensive security architecture that Microsoft possesses is beneficial to Microsoft Viva since it guarantees the integrity of data. Through the implementation of strong security processes and compliance requirements, Workvivo provides an environment that is safe for the storage of organisational data.

Both platforms place a high priority on security and compliance, and they adhere to the standards set by the industry. However, you should carefully evaluate their data privacy policies and security certifications to ensure that they adhere to your particular requirements.

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo: Business Recommendations

Microsoft Viva vs Workvivo

Your organization’s priorities should be taken into consideration while making a decision between Microsoft Viva and Workvivo. If having a comprehensive interface with Microsoft 365 is of the utmost importance, Viva could be the best option. It’s possible that Workvivo is a better fit for your requirements if you place an emphasis on employee engagement and communication.

Ideally suited for businesses that have a significant investment in the Microsoft ecosystem and are looking for a full package that includes communication, learning, and goal management. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and firms that place a high priority on employee engagement, internal communication, and a user-friendly experience would find this solution to be ideal.

Microsoft Viva: Pros

  • Comprehensive suite of employee experience solutions.
  • Deep integration with Microsoft 365.
  • Familiar user interface for existing M365 users.

Microsoft Viva: Cons

  • Can be complex to manage with multiple modules.
  • Limited customization options.

Workvivo: Pros

  • User-friendly and social media-inspired interface.
  • Strong focus on employee communication and engagement.
  • Extensive customization options

Workvivo: Cons

  • Lacks the comprehensive functionality of Viva.
  • Not as deeply integrated with other Microsoft tools.

Which one should you consider?

However, there is no conclusive response. The optimal platform for you will be determined by your particular requirements, financial constraints, and the technological stack you already have in place. In order to make an informed choice, it is important to carefully assess your priorities and compare the features and functions offered by each platform.


Can I integrate Microsoft Viva or Workvivo with third-party tools?

The level of interaction may be different between the two systems. Integrations between Microsoft Viva and other Microsoft 365 tools are smooth, and Workvivo can connect to a huge number of third-party apps.

How does the price change depending on the size of the business?

Workvivo has a clear price system that is based on how big the business is. As part of Microsoft Viva’s pricing, Microsoft 365 subscriptions are often bundled together. This may make the option more scalable for bigger businesses.

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