Mural vs Stormboard: choose the best online collaboration tool

Let's take a look at the Mural versus Stormboard duel and see which one may help your squad realise its full potential.

The collaboration requirements of Mural and Stormboard are dissimilar from one another. Mural is a digital workspace that is adaptable and focuses on visual communication. It provides a wide range of tools for design thinking, brainstorming, and project management. It does an excellent job of encouraging creative thinking and strategic planning.

Stormboard, on the other hand, is a platform that specializes in performing dynamic brainstorming and offers a user-friendly interface along with digital sticky notes and templates. Whether you choose Stormboard for efficient and disciplined brainstorming sessions or Mural for comprehensive visual collaboration across a variety of activities, the choice is determined by the emphasis that you place on various aspects of the project.

Mural vs Stormboard Comparison Table

Based on how you need to work together, Mural and Stormboard are essential. Mural is necessary for flexible visual collaboration because it has many tools that can be used for different jobs.

FocusVersatile visual collaborationCreative brainstorming
User InterfaceIntuitive design, user-friendly layoutVisually engaging interface, seamless experience
CollaborationReal-time collaboration, simultaneous editingFeatures for interactive teamwork
CustomizationDiverse options for content and appearanceCustomizable templates and interactive elements
Integration CapabilitiesSupports integrations with Slack, Jira, and moreOffers integrations with various apps
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Mural vs Stormboard: User Interface and Experience

Mural vs Stormboard

When it comes to the user interface and experience that they offer, Mural and Stormboard adopt distinct strategies. Mural emphasizes the importance of having an easy-to-use layout and intuitive design that increase accessibility and promote productive teamwork. Its user interface was developed to make navigating easier and to make it as user-friendly as possible. Stormboard, on the other hand, places a higher priority on providing a visually compelling interface in order to deliver a seamless user experience.

The platform places an emphasis on the creation of an environment that is both aesthetically beautiful and intuitive. This ensures that users are able to browse the platform with ease and make advantage of its capabilities for dynamic brainstorming. The user interfaces of both systems are designed to improve user interactions, with accessibility and visual engagement being two of the most important aspects of their different design philosophies.

Mural vs Stormboard: Collaborative Capabilities

Working together is very important, and both Mural and Stormboard are great at it. Mural allows users to work on projects at the same time and collaborate in real time, which promotes smooth and active teamwork. Its features allow for simultaneous interaction, which boosts productivity. In the same way, Stormboard encourages teamwork by including engaging features that are designed to work well with others.

The platform encourages users to work together in real time, using digital sticky notes and templates to make team meetings more fun and useful. Both Mural and Stormboard make it easy for people to work together, whether they’re editing at the same time on Mural or working together interactively on Stormboard. Both platforms focus on making collaboration work well and take into account different tastes and needs.

Mural vs Stormboard: Customization Options

Mural vs Stormboard

Customisation is very important, and both Mural and Stormboard offer a wide range of choices to meet everyone’s needs. It stands out because it has a lot of customisation options that let users change the content and look of the app to suit their needs. This makes the platform better able to handle different jobs and preferences.

Stormboard adds to this by giving users customisable templates and engaging parts that let them make their work sessions exactly how they want them to be. With Mural’s broad customisation options and Stormboard’s template freedom, teams and individuals can make a customised working environment that fits their needs. This improves the user experience and lets a lot of people have their own preferences when working together and creating content.

Mural vs Stormboard: Integration with Other Tools

Integrating with outside tools is important for a smooth process, and both Mural and Stormboard put a lot of emphasis on this. Mural can connect to well-known tools like Slack and Jira, which makes working together easier by letting you use famous platforms.

Stormboard also has integrations with many different apps, so it can work with current workflows. Users can easily connect their collaborative work to larger project management and communication ecosystems thanks to these integration features in both platforms. This makes them more efficient and easy to use in a range of professional settings and joint needs.

Mural: Pros

  • Versatile visual collaboration.
  • Intuitive design and user-friendly layout.

Mural: Cons

  • May have a steeper learning curve for new users.

Stormboard: Pros

  • Specialized in creative brainstorming.
  • Visually engaging interface.

Stormboard: Cons

  • Limited versatility compared to Mural.

Which is better?

Mural and Stormboard rely on how you want to work together. Mural is great for visual teamwork because it is easy to use, lets people work together in real time, and works with well-known tools like Slack and Jira. Design thinking and project management are just two of the many things it’s great for. Stormboard, on the other hand, is great for dynamic brainstorming because it has an interesting layout and templates that you can change. It works best for teams that want to have structured and effective brainstorming meetings.


Is Mural whiteboard free?

The best digital whiteboard for working together in real time. A free online notepad from Mural makes it easy to share ideas and work together with others, either in real time or at a later time.

What is mural collaboration tool?

Members of a team can work together from different places at the same time using MURAL’s digital whiteboards that can be shared and used by everyone. MURAL has been changing and adding to the things it can do to help schools and teachers. It is called MURAL for Education and it is a special place on the MURAL website for teachers.

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