NextGen vs eClinicalWorks: which one is better for you?

Compare their functionalities for the right fit.

Selecting the appropriate electronic medical record (EMR) can feel like juggling stethoscopes for a healthcare provider. Want to take advantage of NextGen’s user-friendly interface and mobile access, as well as its extensive integration with billing and its well-deserved reputation for innovation? Would it be more beneficial for me to go with eClinicalWorks because of its extensive clinical features, thorough reporting, and proven track record?

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks Comparison Table

In order to help you select the ideal digital partner to elevate your practice and empower your patients, this review will take you behind the scenes of each of them, comparing their strengths and flaws as well as everything in between. Let’s jump right in!

Deployment ModelsCloud-based (SaaS) & On-premiseCloud-based (SaaS) & On-premise
PricingPer-user, subscription-basedPer-user, subscription-based
Core FeaturesEHR, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle ManagementEHR, Practice Management, Population Health Management
Clinical WorkflowStreamlined and user-friendly interfaceCan be complex for new users
CustomizationHigh level of customization availableLess customizable
Reporting & AnalyticsRobust reporting tools with actionable insightsStrong reporting capabilities, but data extraction can be challenging
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

User Interface and Experience

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks

NextGen offers a modern interface with customizable dashboards, enhancing efficiency with streamlined charting. However, some users may find a steeper learning curve. In contrast, eClinicalWorks features a familiar Windows-based interface, providing granular control through extensive menus.

Yet, some users may find it overwhelming and navigation cumbersome. The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and tech savviness. NextGen excels with its fresh and intuitive design, while eClinicalWorks caters to those at ease with traditional, detailed interfaces.

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks: Cost Considerations

Choosing the right EHR means balancing features with finances. While both NextGen and eClinicalWorks offer tiered pricing, their structures differ. NextGen often favors larger practices with volume-based discounts, while eClinicalWorks caters well to smaller groups with per-physician models. Both charge additional fees for modules like practice management or revenue cycle management.

Implementation costs vary, with NextGen potentially pricier due to its complex customization options. eClinicalWorks boasts quicker setup but might lack extensive training support. Ultimately, the cost champion depends on your practice size, specific needs, and long-term growth plans. Carefully compare pricing models, hidden fees, and support options before making your EHR investment.

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks: Implementation and Training

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks

Getting your EHR up and running smoothly is key to maximizing its benefits. NextGen’s implementation process can be intricate, offering extensive customization options but potentially requiring more in-house IT expertise or dedicated consultants. eClinicalWorks takes a more standardized approach, boasting faster setup times with pre-configured templates.

However, this might limit flexibility for highly specialized practices. Both platforms offer training programs, but NextGen’s might be more in-depth due to its complexity, while eClinicalWorks focuses on quick user adoption. Consider your technical resources, desired level of customization, and training preferences when choosing your EHR implementation partner. Remember, a smooth initial rollout can save time, headaches, and ultimately, money in the long run.

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks: Interoperability and Integration

NextGen excels in interoperability, seamlessly integrating with various systems, optimizing data exchange. It supports HL7 standards and integrates well with third-party applications, enhancing connectivity. On the other hand, eClinicalWorks emphasizes integration within its own ecosystem, offering comprehensive solutions within its platform.

While it excels in internal integration, some users may find it less flexible when connecting with external systems. The choice depends on specific integration needs, with NextGen providing broader interoperability and eClinicalWorks excelling in its internal ecosystem.

NextGen: Pros

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved accuracy and precision
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration
  • New products and services

NextGen: Cons

  • Job displacement
  • Privacy concerns

eClinicalWorks: Pros

  • Comprehensive features
  • Customizable
  • Mobile access
  • Reporting and analytics

eClinicalWorks: Cons

  • Complexity
  • Interoperability

NextGen vs eClinicalWorks: Which one should you consider?

Deciding between NextGen and eClinicalWorks hinges on your practice size and priorities. NextGen shines with its user-friendly interface and cloud-based accessibility, ideal for smaller practices seeking affordability and ease of use. eClinicalWorks, however, boasts feature depth and customization, catering to larger, specialized practices needing powerful functionalities but willing to invest more in training and cost. Ultimately, weigh your budget, size, and desired features to discover your perfect EHR match.


What is NextGen software used for?

NextGen conveniently allows providers to manage claims, schedule appointments and generate electronic health records.

What was NextGen formerly known as?

NextGen Healthcare Inc (NextGen) formerly, Quality Systems, Inc is a healthcare solutions company.

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