Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: which one is best?

The Nvidia RTX 4080 Super offers improved performance and features compared to the standard RTX 4080.

In the event that you are not considering the RTX 4090 for your upcoming build or upgrade, the Nvidia RTX 4080 Super is, as of January 2024, the most recent and cutting-edge graphics card in the 40-Series lineup of graphics computing devices. In the following paragraphs, we will take a more in-depth look at the Nvidia RTX 4080 Super in comparison to its predecessor, the Nvidia RTX 4080.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the realm of specifications and performance graphs to determine whether you should be on the lookout for an older model that is available at a lower price point or whether the Super iteration of the GPU is the superior option among the available options. There are many compelling reasons to choose this over the variation that does not have the Super feature.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Price Comparison and Value for Money

When buying a high-tech graphics card like the RTX 4080 or its rumoured Super version, you have to carefully weigh your performance needs against your budget. At a price of $1,299, the RTX 4080 is already one of the most expensive GPUs on the market. The rumoured Super version might cost even more, so people who want to buy it need to weigh the price against what they think the features and perks will be.

Finding the best value for money in this situation is a personal choice that relies on each person’s needs and preferences. People who want top-notch efficiency, the ability to plan for the future, and the newest technological advances may choose the Super variant, even though it may cost more. People who are early adopters often enjoy being on the cutting edge of gaming and graphics technology and love being able to brag about having the newest and best gear.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Comparison Table

Nvidia shows off the RTX 4080 Super and RTX 4080 in its quest to be the best graphics card. Let’s go on a thorough tour of a full comparison table, breaking down the most important differences between these powerful GPUs. From CUDA cores to memory configurations, this table will help you understand the subtle differences that make games and rendering different.

FeatureNvidia RTX 4080Nvidia RTX 4080 Super
Release DateNovember 2023TBA
CUDA Cores972810,240
Memory16GB GDDR6X16GB GDDR6X (rumored)
Boost Clock2.5 GHz2.6 GHz (rumored)
TGP320W330W (rumored)
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Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Technical Specifications

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080

Tech fans are very excited about the RTX 4080 Super, but official specs are still a secret. This has led to a lot of guessing and expectation. Some knowledgeable rumours going around in the community say that the new graphics card will be a more complex version of the RTX 3080 Super, even though clear details are still too scarce.

One thing that people are most looking forward to is the projected increase in CUDA cores, which are what Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs) do most of the work. There are rumours of a big boost, possibly hitting an impressive 10,240 CUDA cores. The increase in computing power could lead to a noticeable improvement in performance, especially when doing jobs that use a lot of resources, like gaming, making content, and using AI programmes.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Ray Tracing and DLSS Capabilities

These state-of-the-art graphics cards are the best in gaming technology. They use the latest ray tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technologies to make games look and play better. Ray tracing technology simulates realistic lighting effects, making reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion look like they do in real life. This lets gamers get lost in stunningly realistic virtual worlds.

However, DLSS uses artificial intelligence in a completely new way to make upscaling possible. These cards use deep learning algorithms to improve the quality of lower-resolution images in real time. This makes games look better without slowing it down. The clever combination of ray tracing and DLSS technology makes sure that players can enjoy both stunning visuals and smooth, fast gameplay.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Cooling Solutions

It is highly likely that both cards will integrate advanced thermal management technologies in order to maximise heat dissipation. This is in addition to the high-performance cooling solutions that are shared by the two cards. It is possible that this could involve the utilisation of heat pipes, vapour chamber cooling, or any number of other cutting-edge techniques that are designed to effectively transmit and dissipate heat away from essential components.

In addition, it is anticipated that the design of the heatsinks would be painstakingly engineered in order to maximise the utilisation of surface area and improve thermal conductivity. The graphics cards are able to function at ideal temperatures as a result of this, which prevents thermal throttling and guarantees that the performance remains consistent even when the cards are used for extended periods of time or when doing strenuous jobs.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Compatibility and System Requirements

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080

The selection of which graphics card to purchase is an important one for any hobbyist or professional who is looking to achieve the highest possible level of performance in their computer experience. There is one thing that is consistent regardless of whether you are leaning towards Card A or Card B, and that is the requirement for a powerful system configuration that is capable of utilising the extensive capabilities of these cutting-edge GPUs.

Both cards require a sophisticated environment, which calls for high-end central processing units (CPUs) to be able to perform the complex calculations and processing requirements in a seamless manner. In order to ensure that the graphics card does not experience bottlenecks during the data processing process, a powerful central processing unit (CPU) is necessary. This allows for a harmonious synergy between the two components.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: User Experiences

There have been a lot of positive reviews of the RTX 4080 from users. Fans have praised its great speed and cutting-edge ray tracing features. Both gamers and content creators have said that the graphics quality and general computing power have improved a lot. This makes it a great choice for demanding applications.

One amazing thing about the RTX 4080 is that it can handle real-time ray tracing. This gives you a realistic visual experience that pushes the limits of realism in games and content creation. People who have used this GPU have praised NVIDIA for pushing the limits of graphics technology and pointed out how well it handles lighting and clarity.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super vs Nvidia RTX 4080: Performance Benchmarks

The gaming and tech groups are very excited about the RTX 4080 Super’s upcoming release, and they are speculating about what improvements it might bring to the table. Real-world speed comparisons are hard to come by right now, but fans and experts in the field have been looking at leaks and making educated guesses about what the Super variant might offer.

According to early results, the RTX 4080 Super is likely to perform much better than its standard cousin in rasterization tests. Even though exact numbers are still unknown, most experts agree that rasterization performance should improve by a few percentage points. This could mean that total graphics rendering capabilities will be higher. For people who are lucky enough to get their hands on this high-tech graphics card, this could mean smoother games, higher frame rates, and a more immersive gaming experience overall.

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super: Pros

  • Potentially higher performance
  • Improved future-proofing (if specs hold true)
  • More CUDA cores

Nvidia RTX 4080Super: Cons

  • Higher price (expected)
  • Runs hotter

Nvidia RTX 4080: Pros

  • Proven performance
  • Lower price (compared to rumored Super)
  • Readily available

Nvidia RTX 4080: Cons

  • Might not be as future-proof
  • Slightly lower performance than rumoured Super

Which one should you consider?

When all is said and done, the “better” card is the one that is determined by your particular needs and the circumstances of your finances. If you place a high priority on raw performance and have some more money in your budget, the RTX 4080 Super might be the best option for you. This assumption is based on the fact that you have more money available. On the other hand, the basic RTX 4080 offers an incredible value in addition to its performance, which makes it an enticing option for the majority of gamers and producers.


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