Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: finding the right fit for editing needs

Paintshop Pro is a comprehensive photo editing software, while Affinity Photo offers professional-level editing capabilities.

Photo editing software is now a must-have for both expert and amateur photographers because it gives users powerful tools to improve, change, and polish digital photos. These programs have many features, such as color correction, image retouching, filters, and different artistic effects. These features let users express their creativity and turn ordinary pictures into stunning works of art.

It’s important to have photo editing software because it can make pictures look better, tell better stories visually, and bring out the best in every picture, whether it’s for personal or work use. Users of photo editing software can make simple changes or more complex ones that enhance details, fix flaws, and produce stunning images that effectively express their message or story.

Paintshop Pro and Affinity picture are two well-known picture editing programs. Each one is good for a different type of user and level of skill. With its wide range of editing tools, Paintshop Pro is good for both new and expert photographers who want a flexible program for editing photos. On the other hand, Affinity Photo is aimed at professional photographers and artists. It has advanced editing tools and a large set of features designed for editing and retouching high-quality photos.

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo Comparison Table

PaintShop Pro has a simple interface and a lot of tools and plugins that can be used by both newbies and experts. Affinity Photo is designed for experienced users because it has a clean layout and a lot of powerful features. It supports a lot of file formats and can do advanced editing.

FeaturesPaintShop ProAffinity Photo
InterfaceCustomizable and user-friendly interfaceClean and intuitive interface
ToolsComprehensive set of basic and advanced toolsAdvanced editing tools for professionals
LayersSupports layers and layer managementSupports advanced layer functionalities
RAW EditingSupports RAW image editingComprehensive RAW editing capabilities
File CompatibilityBroad range of supported file formatsWide range of supported file formats
PluginsSupports plugins for extended functionalityLimited plugin support
PerformanceSmooth performance on most systemsFast performance, optimized for efficiency
Learning CurveRelatively easy to learn and useModerate learning curve for beginners
UpdatesRegular updates with new featuresRegular updates with new features
CommunityDecent user community supportGrowing user community and support
Export OptionsVarious export options and formatsWide range of export options and formats
System SupportWindows and macOS supportedWindows, macOS, and iPad supported
Visit Website Visit Website

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: User Interface and User Experience

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo

The user interface (UI) of Paintshop Pro is more traditional. It has a familiar layout that makes it easy for people who are used to other picture editing software to get around. The tools are well-organized and simple to find, and the user interface can be changed to fit each person’s tastes. But some users might think the UI looks a little old-fashioned, especially when compared to Affinity Photo’s more up-to-date look.

FeaturePaintshop ProAffinity Photo
UI designTraditionalModern

The interface of Affinity Photo is clean and modern, with a focus on being quick and easy to use. The tools are organized in a way that makes sense, and the design can be changed in a lot of ways. One of the coolest things about Affinity Photo is its user interface. For example, the Personas system lets users quickly switch between different workspaces that are designed for different jobs.

PaintShop Pro and Affinity Photo are both easy to use and fast, and they both work well even on older hardware. Affinity Photo, on the other hand, feels faster and more quick, especially when working with big files. In general, both Paintshop Pro and Affinity Photo have great user designs and experiences. Affinity Photo, on the other hand, might be a better choice for some people because it looks more modern and works faster.

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: Graphic Design Capabilities

The program Paintshop Pro can be used for both editing photos and making graphics. It has many useful tools for both. Beginners will find it easy to use because the design is simple and clear. PaintShop Pro also has a lot of strong tools for making vector graphics and changing them. The software Affinity Photo is more specialized and is mostly used for editing photos. It does, however, have some features that make it a good choice for graphic design. One of the best things about Affinity Photo is that it lets users try out different edits without worrying that they will forever damage their photos.

When it comes to specific graphic design tasks, Paintshop Pro is great at making and editing raster images. It has a great brush engine and a lot of filters and effects that can be used to make pictures look better. An attachment On the other hand, Photo is better for making and editing vector images. It has a pen tool that is very accurate and a lot of features that make working with complicated shapes easy. In general, both Paintshop Pro and Affinity Photo are good choices for graphic design tools. Which choice is best for you will rely on your needs and preferences.

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: File Compatibility

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo

PaintShop Pro supports more file types, including ones that are only available in PaintShop Pro, such as PSP and PSPIMAGE. This makes it a good choice for people who need to work with old files or who work with other Paintshop Pro users. Affinity Photo, on the other hand, supports more open standard files than Paintshop Pro does. To give you an example, Paintshop Pro doesn’t fully support the PSD file type. Affinity Photo, on the other hand, works really well with open standard files like JPEG, PSD, TIFF, and PNG. It’s a good choice for people who need to share things with people who don’t use the same platform.

But Affinity Photo doesn’t work with as many unique file types as Paintshop Pro. Most of the time, I think it’s more important that Affinity Photo supports open standard formats than that Paintshop Pro supports locked formats. This is because other software is more likely to be able to work with open-standard files in the future. However, if you need to work with older files or share files with other Paintshop Pro users, Paintshop Pro might be a better option.

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: Third-Party Plugins and Extensions

PaintShop Pro works with a lot of different plugins because it handles four of the eight Photoshop plugin interfaces. Most of the tools I use with Photoshop work pretty well with PaintShop Pro as well. Additionally, Corel has a plugin shop where you can find a variety of plugins that are designed to work with PaintShop Pro.

FeaturePaintShop ProAffinity Photo
Number of supported plugin interfaces41 (custom API)
Size of plugin libraryLargerSmaller
Plugin qualityGenerally goodGenerally excellent

When it comes to third-party apps, Affinity Photo does things a little differently. Instead of using plugin APIs that are already out there, Affinity Photo has its own plugin API that developers can use to make plugins that work only with the software. While this has made the library of plugins for Affinity Photo smaller, the ones that are there are usually of very good quality. From what I’ve seen, both PaintShop Pro and Affinity Photo work well with tools and extensions from other programs. Which choice is best for you will rely on your budget and the plugins you need.

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: Performance and Speed

From my own experience, I can say that Affinity Photo is faster than Paintshop Pro. This is especially clear when working on big files or changes that are hard to understand. For instance, Affinity Photo makes it much faster to add filters or make other changes to a high-resolution picture. Affinity Photo’s non-destructive editing workflow also makes it easier to try out different changes without worrying about changing the original picture in a way that can’t be undone. This could make the writing process go faster and better.

FeaturePaintshop ProAffinity Photo
Non-destructive editingLimitedFull
Interface customizationGoodLimited

On the other hand, Paintshop Pro does work better in some ways. For instance, it opens and saves things faster in general. Paintshop Pro also has a more flexible interface, which may make it a better choice for people who like to work in a way that fits their needs. In general, Affinity Photo is the better choice for people who want to change photos as quickly as possible. But Paintshop Pro is still a good choice for people who want a design that is easier to use and can be changed to fit their needs.

PaintShop Pro: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive toolset
  • Plugin support for extended functionality


  • Limited community support

Affinity Photo: Pros and Cons


  • Advanced editing capabilities
  • Optimized performance
  • Broad file format support


  • Limited plugin support

Paintshop Pro vs Affinity Photo: which one should you consider?

It’s important to think about your goals when choosing between Paintshop Pro and Affinity Photo. Paintshop Pro has been around for a long time and has a lot of tools for both editing photos and making graphics, so it’s good for people who need a solution that can do a lot of different things.

But Affinity Photo’s modern interface, powerful editing tools, and non-destructive workflow make it a good choice for both pros and amateurs. People looking for an affordable option with lots of features might like its one-time purchase plan. Ultimately, you can pick either Paintshop Pro for its flexibility or Affinity Photo for its professional-level features, based on your needs and price.


Do professionals use Affinity Photo?

Affinity has won some of the most important awards in its field and earned the trust of professionals all over the world since it began.

Is Affinity Photo just as good as Photoshop?

When you work with other creative people who use Adobe tools, Adobe Photoshop always comes out on top. You can use Affinity Photos instead of Photoshop if you are a student or an artist.

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