Paylocity vs Paycor: which payroll solution is right for company?

Discover the differences between Paylocity and Paycor to make an informed decision for your payroll.

When it comes to human resources and payroll management, things are always changing, so businesses are always looking for reliable options that can help them run more smoothly. Even though there are many choices, Paylocity and Paycor stand out as major players that have earned a lot of trust and attention in the business. The goal of this piece is to give an in-depth look at these two platforms, comparing important things like pricing, user interfaces, key features, integrations, and more.

The pricing model is one of the most important things to think about when looking at HR and payroll management options. Paylocity and Paycor both have different pricing plans to fit the needs of businesses of all kinds and levels of complexity. This piece will go into more detail about these pricing models, looking at things like how they can be scaled, how clear they are, and how much they really cost.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Pricing

When picking a payroll and HR service, it’s important to know how the prices work. Paylocity and Paycor have different pricing models, such as plans that you subscribe to and plans that charge extra for certain benefits.

It’s important to think about what your business needs and how much money you have to find the best provider for your financial goals. Essentials ($49/month base), Professional ($229/month base), Elite ($879/month base). Basic ($99/month base), Essential ($199/month base), Premier ($399/month base), Enterprise (Custom quote)

Paylocity vs Paycor: Comparison Table

To provide a quick overview, let’s break down the essential features and offerings of Paylocity and Paycor side by side. This table will highlight key aspects like pricing, core functionalities, and notable differences between the two platforms.

Pricing ModelSubscription-basedSubscription-based
Core FunctionalitiesPayroll, HR, Benefits AdministrationPayroll, HR, Time & Attendance, Recruiting
User InterfaceModern, IntuitiveUser-friendly, Easy Navigation
Integration OptionsWide range of integrations with popular softwareSeamless integration with various applications
Key FeaturesCustomizable Reports, Employee Self-ServiceTax Compliance, Analytics, Employee Onboarding
Time & AttendanceComprehensive tracking, Mobile AccessibilityClock-in/out, Timesheet Management
Third-party IntegrationsRobust ecosystemIntegration with popular business applications
Security MeasuresAdvanced Security Protocols, Compliance StandardsData Encryption, Regulatory Compliance
Customer Support24/7 Support, Knowledge BaseDedicated Support, Online Training Resources
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

Paylocity vs Paycor: User Interface and Experience

Paylocity vs Paycor

Paylocity stands out as a comprehensive payroll and human capital management solution, providing users with a powerful and feature-rich interface. While its extensive capabilities empower businesses to efficiently manage various aspects of payroll, benefits, and HR, it’s worth noting that the richness of its features may necessitate some training for users to unlock its full potential.

Paylocity’s interface is robust, offering a plethora of tools and options that cater to the intricate needs of businesses, making it a preferred choice for those wanting a sophisticated and customizable solution. On the other hand, Paycor distinguishes itself with a user-friendly and intuitive design that is particularly well-suited for non-technical users.

The platform prioritizes simplicity without compromising functionality, allowing businesses to streamline their payroll and HR processes with ease. Paycor is designed to be easy for everyone to use, so it has a short learning curve. This makes it a great choice for businesses where people may not have a lot of technical knowledge.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Integration and Compatibility

Paylocity stands out as a versatile and comprehensive solution for businesses seeking seamless integration with various systems. With an expansive marketplace and open APIs, Paylocity takes integration to the next level by effortlessly connecting with over 350+ business systems. This extensive compatibility ensures that businesses can streamline their operations by syncing Paylocity with their existing tools and platforms, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow.

On the other hand, Paycor may have a smaller marketplace compared to Paylocity, but it compensates with a strong emphasis on API access. While it offers fewer native integrations, the robust API capabilities provided by Paycor empower businesses to tailor their integrations according to their unique needs. This flexibility allows users to adapt Paycor to their specific business requirements, fostering a customized and adaptable ecosystem.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Features

Paylocity stands out because it puts a lot of emphasis on safety and reporting. Legal and regulatory requirements are always changing, but Paylocity goes above and beyond to make sure that companies stay in line with the latest rules. Its strong compliance tools not only make things easier, but they also make people feel safe and help organisations easily manage the complicated web of rules and laws.

But when it comes to tools for managing people and getting employees involved, Paycor is the clear winner. Paycor has built in a set of features that make it easier to find, train, and keep good employees because they know how important it is to keep them engaged and skilled. Paycor is made to improve the general experience of employees. It has tools for recruitment that make the hiring process easier and modules for performance management that help employees grow.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Time and Attendance Tracking

Paylocity stands out because it offers complete time tracking solutions with a wide range of tools to make managing time easier and better. It has mobile apps that are easy for employees to use, so they can log their work hours while they’re on the go. This mobile access not only makes things easier, but it also helps workers keep accurate records of their hours because they can do it in real time. In addition to the basics, Paylocity goes above and beyond by integrating seamlessly with time clocks. This makes tracking even easier and reduces the chance of mistakes.

As opposed to this, Paycor works on giving businesses a solid base for tracking time by providing basic features that meet their basic needs. Paycor knows how important it is to be able to change and grow, even though it may be great at keeping things simple. For people who want more advanced features, Paycor makes it easy to add-ons. This lets businesses make their time tracking options fit their needs. With this modular method, businesses can build on the basic framework to make a stronger and more specific time management system that fits their specific needs and ways of working.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Integrations with Other Software

People who use Paylocity can easily connect it to many other business tools through a wide range of third-party connections. The goal is to get rid of silos and support a unified approach to data management. This can be done by integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, project management tools, or communication platforms. This integration makes it easier for information to move between departments, so changes can happen in real time and mistakes are less likely to happen when data is entered by hand.

In the same way, Paycor users can customise their platform to fit the needs of their business by adding a wide range of third-party connections. Integrating with financial software, systems for keeping track of time and attendance, and tools for getting employees involved in their work creates a complete and connected way of managing the workforce.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Security and Compliance

Paylocity vs Paycor

It is very important to make sure that private HR and payroll data is kept safe and in line with regulations. Paylocity and Paycor, two of the most popular tools in this field, know how important it is to keep private data safe. This part will talk about the strong security measures that both platforms use to show that they are serious about making sure that businesses follow the rules in their field and are safe from possible cyber threats.

Implementing advanced encryption methods is one of the most important parts of keeping Paylocity and Paycor safe. Modern encryption technologies are used by these platforms to encrypt data both while it is being sent and while it is being stored. This keeps private information unreadable and out of the hands of people who aren’t supposed to see it. This cryptographic layer not only makes sure that HR and salary data is kept private, but it also meets industry standards for data security.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Case Studies or Success Stories

To fully understand the success stories they talk about on their websites and in their marketing materials, you need to read reviews that are specific to your industry and business size. You can learn more about how these companies have helped businesses like yours by doing a lot of research.

Start by reading customer reviews that talk about problems or goals that are specific to your business. Look for case studies or success stories that show real results and show how the companies’ goods or services have helped people with specific problems. For example, if your business is in technology, focus on comments about new technologies, ways to make things more efficient, or creative solutions.

Paylocity vs Paycor: Customer Support

It’s important to look into the specifics of each service’s dedicated support choices when comparing their customer service options. To begin, response times are the most important thing to look at when figuring out how well the help system works. Check to see how quickly each service answers questions from customers over the phone, email, and the web. Responding quickly is necessary to solve problems quickly and make sure users have a good experience.

Also, think about how good the knowledge base is that each service offers. A complete and well-organized information base is very helpful for giving users the freedom to solve common issues on their own. Check the correctness and amount of information that is available. A good knowledge base can greatly improve the customer service experience by letting users fix problems without direct help.

Paylocity: Pros

  • Robust features and integrations
  • Deep compliance expertise
  • Scalability for large enterprises

Paylocity: Cons

  • Can be complex and expensive
  • User interface requires training

Paycor: Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing for small businesses
  • Strong benefits administration tools

Paycor: Cons

  • Limited native integrations
  • Not ideal for large enterprises

Which one should you consider?

To make the “better” choice when looking at software for your business, you need to carefully consider your goals and priorities. To make this decision-making process go more smoothly, you need to think about a lot of things, starting with your budget. It is important to know how choosing a certain software solution will affect your finances to make sure it fits with your budget and can last for a long time.


What are some alternatives to Paylocity and Paycor?

Alternatives like as ADP, Gusto, and Zenefits are among the most popular options.

How can I get started with a free trial or demo?

On their respective websites, Paylocity and Paycor include demos or free samples of their services.

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