Pocket Casts vs Overcast: which one should you consider?

Pocket Casts is a popular app that lets you listen to podcasts on Android, iOS, and the web. It lets people find podcasts, sign up for them, and listen to them from a huge library of content. Pocket Casts has a lot of features, such as personalized recommendations, playlists that can be changed, episodes that can be synced across devices, playback speed that can be changed, and more advanced audio settings. The apps is easy to use, easy to navigate, and has powerful tools for managing podcasts, making it a complete and highly regarded choice for podcast fans.

On the other hand, Overcast is a podcast player that only works on iOS devices. Overcast, which was made by Marco Arment, focuses on being easy to use and fast. The app has important podcast playback features, such as saving episodes, changing the speed of playback, using smart speed to cut down on silences, and voice boost to improve the sound quality. Overcast has a clean, simple interface that puts the focus on a smooth listening experience with easy-to-use controls and efficient episode management. It is thought of as a reliable and effective podcast player by iOS users.

Pocket Casts vs Overcast Pricing

There are both free and paid options on Pocket Casts. The free version lets you listen to podcasts and gives you access to a huge collection of podcasts. But Pocket Casts also has a paid service called Pocket Casts Plus that gives you access to more features. With Pocket Casts Plus, you can store custom episode filters and playlists in the cloud, use exclusive app themes, and upload and store your own audio files. The Pocket Casts Plus subscription costs either a one-time fee or a monthly fee, and it gives users who want more features and customization options access to them.

Overcast, on the other hand, is based on a model called “freemium.” The app is free and has all of the most important features for playing podcasts right away. But the free version has ads that play while the podcast plays. Overcast also has a subscription option called Overcast Premium, which lets you use the app without ads and helps it keep getting better. The subscription fee for Overcast Premium is charged once a year. This lets users listen without being interrupted by ads and helps keep the app updated and improved.

Pocket Casts vs Overcast Comparison Table

FeaturePocket CastsOvercast
Platforms supportedAndroid, iOS, WebiOS
Podcast DiscoveryRobust podcast discovery with trending and curated recommendationsLimited podcast discovery features
Podcast ManagementCustomizable playlists, filters, and smart recommendationsSmart playlists and episode archiving
Episode SyncingSyncs episode progress across devicesSyncs episode progress across devices
Playback Speed ControlAdjustable playback speed with fine-grained controlAdjustable playback speed with preset options
Audio EffectsVolume boost, silence trimming, and variable speed adjustmentsSmart speed, voice boost, and trim silences
Podcast Network SupportSupport for various podcast networks and publishersSupport for various podcast networks and publishers
Offline ListeningAbility to download episodes for offline listeningAbility to download episodes for offline listening
Cross-Platform SyncingSyncs subscriptions and episode progress across multiple platformsLimited to iOS devices
PricingOffers a free version with limited features and a premium subscription for enhanced featuresOffers a free version with ads and a premium subscription for ad-free experience
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Pocket Casts vs Overcast User interface

Pocket Casts vs Overcast

The interface of Pocket Casts is clean and modern, with a focus on making things easy to use. It is easy to use and has a well-organized layout that makes it simple to move between podcasts, episodes, and playlists. The interface has customization options that let users change how their podcast library looks and how it is set up. The interface of Pocket Casts is based on visual cues and natural gestures, which makes it easy and fun to use.

On the other hand, Overcast has a clean, simple design that puts the focus on the content. It has a clean look and a simple way to move around, which makes it easy to find podcasts and listen to them. Overcast’s interface is made to be easy to use, showing only the most important information and controls without being too much for the user. It has easy-to-use controls for playback and swipe gestures that let you get to features and settings quickly.

Pocket Casts vs Overcast Features

Pocket Casts has a wide range of features, including powerful ways to find podcasts. It has curated suggestions, popular podcasts, and suggestions based on how you usually listen. Users can easily manage and organize their podcast library with its customizable playlists, filters, and smart recommendations. Pocket Casts also lets you sync episodes across devices, which makes it easy to switch between platforms. It also lets users change the speed of playback, boost the volume, and cut out silences, giving them more control over their listening experience.

Even though Overcast is more about simplicity, it still has a lot of powerful features. It makes it easy to organize by letting you save episodes and make smart playlists. Overcast’s best features are Smart Speed, which shortens pauses so you can listen faster, and Voice Boost, which improves the sound quality. The app also has preset playback speeds that can be changed. Users can download episodes with Overcast.

Pocket Casts vs Overcast Platforms supported

Pocket Casts is available on Android, iOS, and the Web, among other places. This wide platform support means that users can access their podcast library and listen to episodes on their phone, tablet, or desktop computer without any problems. The Android and iOS versions are similar and have a lot of features, and the Web version makes it easy to listen to podcasts from a browser. Pocket Casts works on many different platforms, so users can listen to their favorite podcasts on whatever device they prefer.

On the other hand, Overcast is mostly available on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch. It uses Apple’s design principles and features to make sure it works well with the iOS ecosystem. Overcast doesn’t have native support for other platforms like Android or web-based access, but it does a great job of giving iOS users a smooth and integrated experience. By focusing on iOS devices, Overcast is able to improve its features and performance for Apple users in particular.

Pocket Casts vs Overcast Performance

Pocket Casts vs Overcast

Pocket Casts works very well and makes it easy to listen to podcast episodes on different devices. It handles podcast feeds well, so you can get updates quickly and get to the newest episodes. Pocket Casts also has strong sync features that let users switch between devices without losing their episode progress or subscriptions. The app is designed to work well with large podcast libraries without slowing down, so listening is smooth and doesn’t stop and start.

Overcast is also praised for how well it does what it does. The app is made to be small and quick, making the best use of system resources. It makes it easy to download and stream episodes quickly, so there is less waiting and the video plays smoothly. Even though iOS devices are the only ones that can sync with Overcast, it works well for people who mostly use Apple devices. The app is easy to use and looks good, which makes it a good way to listen to podcasts without any interruptions.

Pocket Casts: Pros and Cons


  • Wide platform availability (Android, iOS, web)
  • Robust podcast discovery and recommendations


  • Some advanced features locked behind premium subscription
  • User interface may be overwhelming for newcomers

Overcast: Pros and Cons


  • Clean and minimalist user interface
  • Optimized for iOS devices


  • Limited availability only on iOS platforms
  • Advertisements in the free version

Which one should you consider?

Pocket Casts and Overcast are two podcast player apps that have a lot of fans. Pocket Casts has a lot of features, works on a lot of platforms, and puts a lot of emphasis on customization. Overcast, on the other hand, has a simple design, good performance, and new ways to improve the sound. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences, the platforms you use, and the features you want.


Is overcast good for podcasts?

Overcast is great if you’re willing to pay for it, and it’s even better if you like podcasts.

What is an overcast stitcher?

The overedge foot is also called an overcast foot or an overlocking foot. It basically lets the thread wrap around the edge of the fabric to keep it from coming apart.

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