Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: which reigns supreme?

Compare build, battery life, performance, and price between affordable 5G phones.

Those of you who are obsessed with mobile devices, please come together! Indecisiveness causes my thumbs to jitter, and my mind is a battlefield where specifications and screen sizes do fight. On the other hand, the Narzo 60X packs a powerful punch with its 120Hz display and camera swagger, while the Poco M6 Pro 5G tells sweet nothings about its affordability and its capacity to last for an entire day.

Now, guys, this is not just about the technical specifications; it is about a crisis in digital identity! Do I put seamless scrolling and selfie supremacy at the top of my priority list, or do I save part of my hard-earned money for a phone that is still stylish? Put on your seatbelts, because before I push the “buy” button, I’m going to analyse these mobile gladiators, pixel by pixel, in order to determine who will emerge victorious in my pocket kingdom! Now is the time to let out the tech-savvy warrior that lies dormant within us; let’s get started!

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: Pricing

Wallet whispers making you think about your choices? The Poco M6 Pro 5G starts at a reasonable $179, and its 90Hz screen and good camera make it appealing to people on a budget. But if you care a lot about smooth scrolling and camera power, the Realme Narzo 60X costs a little more at $225 and has a 120Hz screen and a 64MP lens. In the end, it comes down to choosing between cheap prices and high-end features. Tech warrior, make a smart choice!

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X Comparison Table

Both phones have a main camera with similar resolution (64MP), but the Realme Narzo 60X boasts a higher resolution front camera (16MP) for better selfies. However, the M6 Pro might still capture good photos in well-lit conditions.

FeaturePoco M6 Pro 5GRealme Narzo 60X 5G
Display6.58″ IPS LCD, 90Hz refresh rate6.7″ IPS LCD, 120Hz refresh rate
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 810MediaTek Dimensity 6100 Plus
Rear Camera50MP + 2MP64MP + 2MP
Front Camera8MP16MP

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: Design

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X

In the world of design, these competitors are in different fights. The Poco M6 Pro’s 6.58-inch screen is great for one-handed warriors because it fits a lot of fun into a small, light body. Its back is made of matte plastic, which makes it easy to hold, and the camera bump is very small, so it looks very sleek.

Narzo 60X, on the other hand, has a bigger 6.7-inch screen for a more immersive watching experience, and its 120Hz refresh rate promises smoother images. The shiny finish is very stylish, but it might get fingerprints like the cameras. In the end, it comes down to a choice between small comfort and big style. It’s up to you whether you want to play in the cosy M6 Pro or the sparkling Narzo 60X.

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: Display

The battle of the screens is heating up! The Poco M6 Pro 5G’s 6.58-inch IPS screen has a refresh rate of 90Hz, which makes the images look great for everyday scrolling and light gaming. But its competitor, the Narzo 60X 5G, puts down the gauntlet with a 120Hz refresh rate and a bigger 6.7″ screen.

This extra fluidity makes everything better, from browsing to games, and adds a touch of visual class. If money is no object, the M6 Pro is a good choice for watching films. But the Narzo 60X 5G might be the best choice if you want pictures that look great and feel great in your hands.

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: Processor

The Poco M6 Pro 5G is powered by a midrange MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor, which is robust enough to handle routine tasks and multitask without difficulty. Realme Narzo 60X is complemented by the marginally more potent Dimensity 6100 Plus, which provides an additional boost for power-hungry applications and demanding games. Both provide respectable graphics management and efficient multicore processing, making it a close call.

However, if you require optimal performance for demanding tasks such as editing or gaming, the processor of the Narzo 60X may prove to be a deciding factor. Consider your typical utilisation in the end: the M6 Pro effortlessly completes mundane tasks, whereas the Narzo 60X excels at handling more intensive workloads. Select your digital champion according to the challenges you present it with.

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: Cameras

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X

Poco M6 Pro 5G and Realme Narzo 60X have 50MP main cameras for good illumination. The Narzo 60X has a 16MP front camera for vanity pictures and social media fame. Poco’s main camera has a larger field-of-view lens for landscapes and group photos.

Both cameras will have noise in low light, however the Narzo 60X may have a faster processor for night mode processing. If selfies and wider images matter, choose Narzo. Poco may be your affordable landscape lens. Whatever you choose, strong lighting is essential for shooting amazing images, especially with budget warriors.

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: Battery

Both phones have a big 5000mAh battery that should last you a long time on your digital adventures. When compared to the Narzo 60X, which has a 120Hz display and a chipset that uses a lot of power, the Poco M6 Pro might get an extra hour or two of use.

This is because its processor and refresh rate are a little less demanding. But don’t worry—the Narzo 60X has a lightning-fast 65W charger that can fully charge your battery in seconds, so even heavy users won’t be left without power. Ultimately, both phones have enough power for daily use. The M6 Pro might last a little longer, but the Narzo 60X claims to charge quickly.

Poco M6 Pro 5G: Pros

  • Powerful 5000mAh battery lasts all day.
  • Main 50MP sensor takes good images in normal lighting.
  • MicroSD card slot expands storage.
  • Transportable and comfortable.

Poco M6 Pro 5G: Cons

  • Audio immersion is lacking without stereo sound.
  • Supports 18W rapid charging, slower than comparable phones.

Realme Narzo 60X: Pros

  • 5000mAh battery powers daily use.
  • 65W rapid charging for quick refills.
  • Future-proof with next-gen network speeds.
  • Up to 256GB storage lets you carry all your needs.

Realme Narzo 60X: Cons

  • Limited camera features
  • Software updates

Poco M6 Pro 5G vs Realme Narzo 60X: which one should you buy?

Want to save money but also want smooth scrolling? The Poco M6 Pro 5G’s affordable design and fast processor make it a joy to use every day. But if you need 120Hz smoothness and camera skill, the Narzo 60X’s strong punch and selfie-ready lens might win you over. So, make a list of your priorities: performance-driven races or marathons full of value? The winner is waiting for you, crowned by your wants!


Which phone has a better processor?

A: The Realme Narzo 60X has a slightly faster processor (Dimensity 6100 Plus) compared to the Poco M6 Pro’s Dimensity 810. This might make a difference in demanding tasks like gaming or heavy multitasking.

Q: Which phone is more affordable?

A: The Poco M6 Pro 5G starts at a lower price point compared to the Realme Narzo 60X.

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