Pricefx vs Vistex: which pricing software is right for you?

Pricefx and Vistex are software solutions for pricing and revenue management with different focus and capabilities.

Pricing software has become an important part of the complicated business world because it helps with managing prices and making money. These software platforms are made to help businesses stay competitive, make the most money, and improve the pricing process. They are very important because they can look at huge amounts of data, market trends, and customer behaviour to set exact prices, change those prices in real time, and improve overall revenue performance.

Pricing software lets businesses make decisions based on data, speed up the pricing process, and react quickly to changes in the market. In a global economy where pricing strategies can make or break a company, these tools are very important for making sure that the company stays competitive, makes money, and grows over time.

Pricefx and Vistex are two strong competitors in the pricing software market. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. In the next section, we’ll look at the specific features and strengths of Pricefx and Vistex. This will help you choose the best pricing software for your business.

Pricefx vs Vistex Comparison Table

Pricefx is an easier-to-use pricing solution that works in the cloud than Vistex. Vistex, on the other hand, is a more mature solution that has more features and tools that work together.

Ease of useEasierMore complex
Deployment optionsCloud, on-premisesCloud, on-premises
Target marketMidsize to large enterprisesMidsize to large enterprises
Key featuresPrice optimization, price management, contract management, analyticsPrice optimization, price management, contract management, analytics
IntegrationsWide range of CRM, ERP, and other systemsWide range of CRM, ERP, and other systems
Deployment timeFasterSlower
Customer supportGoodGood
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Pricefx vs Vistex: User Experience

Pricefx vs Vistex

One thing I like best about Pricefx is how easy it is to use. The user interface is simple and easy to use, and all the important features are close at hand. I don’t have to look through menus or submenus to find the tools and information I need. Vistex, on the other hand, has a more difficult menu system. There are more menus and choices, which can be hard for people who have never used it before. For some reason, it took me longer to learn how to use Vistex’s workflows than Pricefx’s.

One more thing that Pricefx does really well is how it uses visualisation. Pricefx has many charts and graphs that make it simple to see and understand pricing information. Price teams will like this feature because it can help them find patterns and trends they might not have seen before.

Ease of useMore user-friendlyMore complex to learn and use
User interfaceCleaner and more intuitiveMore complex
WorkflowsMore streamlinedMore complex
Visualization toolsMore comprehensive and easy to useLess comprehensive and easy to use

There are visualisation tools from Vistex as well, but they are not as complete or simple to use as Pricefx’s. Like, Vistex’s charts aren’t as easy to change as Pricefx’s, and it can be harder to get more information. In general, I think Pricefx is easier to use than Vistex when it comes to pricing software. It has a cleaner and easier-to-understand interface, better workflows, and more powerful and simple visualisation tools.

Pricefx vs Vistex: Integrations

Pricefx is known for how easy it is to connect to other programmes. There is a library of pre-built connectors for popular CRM, ERP, and eCommerce systems on the platform. This makes it easy to connect Pricefx to your current IT setup. Pricefx also has an API that is easy to use and can be customised to work with different types of systems. Conversely, Vistex has a closer integration with SAP systems. Vistex integrates well with other SAP applications like CRM and SCM because it is built on top of the SAP ERP platform. However, Vistex can also be integrated with non-SAP systems, albeit this may require additional custom development work. When it comes to my own experience, Pricefx is easier to connect to other systems than Vistex. I have set up Pricefx for a number of clients, and the process of integrating it was pretty easy each time. Pricefx has also been connected to a number of other systems, such as CRM, ERP, and eCommerce systems.

Pre-built connectorsYesNo
Custom integrationsSupportedSupported, but may require more development work
Integration with non-SAP systemsYesYes, but may require more development work
Integration with SAP systemsGoodExcellent

However, I have also set up Vistex for a few clients, and each time the process was more difficult and took more time. Part of the reason for this was that Vistex systems work better with SAP systems. I was also able to connect Vistex to systems that weren’t SAP, but it took more custom development work.

For the most part, I would suggest Pricefx to companies that need pricing software that works well with other programmes. Vistex is the pricing solution I would suggest to companies that already use SAP systems and need something that works well with their current IT setup.

Pricefx vs Vistex: Customer Support and Training

Pricefx vs Vistex

Pricefx offers a variety of support channels, including live chat, a comprehensive knowledge base, and round-the-clock phone and email assistance. In addition, Pricefx offers a variety of training options, including in-person training, online courses, and customized training plans. Vistex also has email and phone support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although Vistex does offer a range of training options, they are not as many as Pricefx.

24/7 phone supportYesYes
24/7 email supportYesYes
Live chatYesNo
Online training coursesYesYes
In-person trainingYesYes
Custom training programsYesYes

From my own experience, I can say that Pricefx has better customer service than Vistex. The Pricefx support staff has always made it easy and quick for me to get help. Pricefx’s customer service staff also knows a lot about the product and can answer my questions correctly.

Another thing I’ve done is take some Pricefx training courses. I was really impressed with how well they were taught. The Pricefx trainers know a lot about the subject and have a lot of experience. They can also explain things in a way that is easy to understand. Overall, I’m very happy with Pricefx’s training and customer service. I think Pricefx has the best training and customer service in the pricing software business.

Pricefx: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Suitable for various industries.
  • Advanced pricing algorithms.
  • Scalable for small to large enterprises.


  • Pricing may not fit all budget sizes.
  • Limited industry-specific focus.

Vistex: Pros and Cons


  • Strong focus on manufacturing and SAP users.
  • Comprehensive contract management.
  • Robust revenue recognition tools.
  • Extensive integration with SAP and other ERP systems.


  • May be less suitable for non-SAP users.
  • Pricing can be high for smaller businesses.

Pricefx vs Vistex: which one should you consider?

Both Pricefx and Vistex are effective software tools for setting prices and generating revenue, but which one is best for your needs will depend on your company. Pricefx is a fantastic option for companies that wish to set up quickly and have an intuitive user interface because of its reputation for being adaptable and simple to use. On the other hand, Vistex has a lot of powerful features and can be easily customised, which makes it a great choice for bigger businesses with complicated pricing plans.

To choose, you should think about the size, industry, and price needs of your business. The price of Pricefx may be better for small to medium-sized businesses, while Vistex can meet the needs of bigger companies. In the end, you will choose between these two options after carefully considering your organization’s specific needs and budget.


Is Vistex an SAP product?

Yes. Vistex is a module that adds to SAP that improves revenue processes by adding more features for management and improvement.

What is Pricefx platform?

Pricefx is the cloud pricing optimisation, management, and CPQ platform that helps businesses that have trouble setting prices, need to reliably speed up profitable growth, and want accuracy, visibility, and efficiency in how they set prices. It offers a clear and responsive way to price right every time.

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