Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022): choose one

Check out the rotating 4K display's improvements to refresh rate, sound and convenience.

As someone who is always in front of screens for work and play, I had to get the specially made Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor as soon as it came out last year. For a while, its beautiful 1000R curved 55-inch screen that could gracefully turn into a portrait mode was a big deal in the world of screens.

But now, in 2023, the big name in displays has risen to the occasion and beaten my Ark with a design change I didn’t see coming. Adding to their own innovations, the new Odyssey Ark has welcome improvements for ergonomics, game performance, and work output. Samsung improved what didn’t work and kept what did to make the fully-featured curved game monitor and immersive entertainment powerhouse I had envisioned. This time, my desk is ready for them to show how they don’t care about physics or business.

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022) Comparison Table

Bringing home last year’s Ark was like docking an alien spaceship. The improvements made this year should make this infinity screen feel more like it belongs on Earth. Keep reading to find out how Samsung has used iteration to make the impossible seem possible.

FeatureOdyssey Ark (2023)Odyssey Ark (2022)
Screen Size & Resolution55-inch, 3840×2160 (4K)55-inch, 3840×2160 (4K)
Panel TechnologyQuantum Mini LEDQuantum Mini LED
Refresh Rate165Hz165Hz
Response Time1ms Gray-to-Gray (GtG)1ms Gray-to-Gray (GtG)
Multi ViewYes, up to 4 inputs simultaneouslyYes, but limited to single source only
Check PriceCheck Price

Feature Showdown

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022)

Both Odyssey Arks have a huge 55-inch curved screen, but the 2023 model’s better connections makes it stand out. It’s no longer possible to use single-source Multi View. Now you can handle four inputs at once, which turns your Ark into a beast that can do many things at once. Now that HDMI and DisplayPort work together, you can connect more than just devices and PCs.

Want to play games with four people? Party time with split screens! But if you’re interested in screen specs and the deep Cockpit Mode, both Arks have the 1000R curve, the Mini LED punch, and the smooth 165Hz refresh rate. So, either upgrade for the most freedom or rock the 2022 Ark if you’re just interested in how beautiful it looks. Gamer, it’s your turn!

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022): Design and Usability

The new Samsung Odyssey Ark, which will be released in 2023, will have a strikingly curved shape that is comparable to that of the 2022 model, and it will promise an immersive viewing experience. On the other hand, usability upgrades like as the solar-powered TikTok controller, the Bixby voice assistant, and the One Connect Box with inversion capabilities are designed to make multitasking more convenient. Ultimately though, the essential rotating capability permitting both landscape and portrait orientations stays unchanged throughout both Odyssey Ark editions, offering varied usage configurations.

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022): Performance and Gaming

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022)

With its 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms reaction time, the 2022 Odyssey Ark made its debut as a gaming powerhouse. However, the 2023 model takes things to the next level by introducing a 196Hz refresh rate, which results in even smoother graphics to be experienced. For the purpose of preventing screen tearing, both offer AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which allows for dynamic refresh rates.

The 2023 Ark achieves a peak brightness of 600 nits, which is significantly higher than the 2022 Ark’s maximum brightness of 420 nits. High dynamic range (HDR) content shines with outstanding contrast on these highly specced gaming monitors, which feature Mini LED backlighting and Quantum Matrix Technology on both models.

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023): Pros

  • Immersive 55-inch 1000R curved screen
  • Can rotate to portrait orientation
  • Quantum Mini LED backlight for great contrast
  • Very bright at 600 nits peak

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023): Cons

  • Very expensive
  • Massive, heavy design not suitable for all desks

Odyssey Ark (2022): Pros

  • Striking 1000R curved 55-inch screen
  • Can pivot to portrait orientation
  • Quantum Mini LED backlight technology
  • 165Hz refresh rate

Odyssey Ark (2022): Cons

  • Extremely expensive
  • Giant, heavy design needing a large desk

Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) vs Odyssey Ark (2022): Which one should you consider?

Individual preferences and priorities should be taken into consideration while making a decision between the Samsung Odyssey Ark (2023) and the Odyssey Ark (2022). The model that will be released in 2023 will have a more streamlined appearance and may include usability improvements, giving it a more modern appearance. While this is going on, the 2022 version continues to place an emphasis on functionality. If you want to make an informed decision that is based on your personal requirements, you should take into consideration your design preferences and the features that you want.


What is the optimal viewing distance for Odyssey Ark?

The Odyssey Ark’s 55”, 1000R curved screen creates the perfect gaming environment. The optimal viewing distance is over 80 cm.

Is Odyssey Ark too big?

In cockpit mode, the Odyssey Ark can display up to three 31-inch displays stacked on top of each other. The Samsung Odyssey Ark is enormous. Using this 55-inch curved gaming monitor feels like being in VR, and turning it vertically is like looking up at a wave that’s about to topple me over.

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