SAP Concur vs Tipalti: features, benefits and differences

Discover the key differences between SAP Concur and Tipalti to streamline your financial processes effectively.

SAP Concur is a well-known name in the field of financial management. It offers a wide range of tools that go beyond just keeping track of expenses. As a well-known all-in-one solution for managing travel and expenses, SAP Concur makes it easy to book travel, report expenses, and process invoices. This all-encompassing method is especially helpful for businesses that spend a lot on travel-related costs, making sure that the entire financial system works well.

Tipalti, on the other hand, stands out as a unique system that is mostly used to automate global payables. Tipalti is a strong platform for managing supplier payments, tax compliance, and regulatory requirements in many different countries. It is designed for companies with complicated payment structures and foreign operations. The platform’s best feature is that it makes complicated cross-border deals easy. This makes it a great choice for companies that do business around the world.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti: Pricing Structures and Plans

Concur’s method is based on a tiered subscription model, which works by considering both the number of users and the individual modules that the client picks. Businesses can change their Concur package to fit their specific needs thanks to this tiered structure, which makes the software more flexible. But because this model is so complicated, it can be hard for organisations to get correct cost estimates. The number of users and the modules chosen have a big effect on the total subscription costs. Because of this, businesses need to carefully consider their needs and expected usage to avoid cost complications.

Tipalti, on the other hand, has prices that change depending on how many transactions are made and how the money is paid. This clear pricing plan gives businesses a more stable idea of their costs because it links costs directly to how much they use the platform. The flexible pricing plan that Tipalti offers makes sure that businesses can grow without having to deal with extra or unnecessary costs. This can be especially helpful for businesses whose transaction volumes change or whose customers’ payment habits change.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti Comparison Table

Both SAP Concur and Tipalti are strong financial management tools, but they focus on different things and have different features. SAP Concur focuses on managing travel and expenses, making it easier to get reimbursed and integrating with travel booking systems. Alternatively, Tipalti is an expert in automating accounts payable, with a focus on supplier payments, tax compliance, and the ability to make payments all over the world, meeting the needs of a wide range of businesses.

FeatureSAP ConcurTipalti
Core StrengthsExpense management, travel booking, invoice automationAccounts payable automation, global payments, supplier management
Pricing StructureTiered subscriptions based on user count and modulesVariable based on transaction volume and payment methods
User InterfaceRobust, feature-rich, may require trainingModern, intuitive, designed for ease of use
IntegrationsExtensive pre-built integrations with ERP and other systemsOpen API for flexible integration with custom systems
Customer SupportGlobal support network, multiple channelsDedicated account managers, 24/7 phone support
SecuritySOC 2 certified, multi-layered security protocolsPCI DSS compliant, data encryption, fraud prevention
Industries SuitedLarge enterprises, multinational corporationsGrowing companies, businesses with complex payment needs
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SAP Concur vs Tipalti: Features and Functionality

SAP Concur vs Tipalti

When it comes to travel and cost management systems, SAP Concur is an industry leader. The scanning of receipts, the enforcement of policies, and the interaction with trip bookings are part of its extensive feature set. This platform is designed to make the process of reporting expenses more streamlined and to provide visibility into company expenditure.

Tipalti, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with the automation of worldwide accounts payable and the provision of solutions for supplier payment. Organisations that deal with sophisticated international transactions are the target audience for Tipalti, which offers capabilities such as the processing of invoices, compliance with tax regulations, and payment reconciliation.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti: User Interface and User Experience Comparison

Both Concur and Tipalti are well-known tools for managing finances and expenses. Each has its own strengths that make it useful for a wide range of businesses. Concur stands out because of its user-friendly interface that is full of useful tools for handling expenses, travel, and billing. The platform has many useful features that help businesses make their financial tasks easier, be more open about their finances, and learn important things about how people spend their money.

However, new users may find it a little hard to get used to Concur’s design because it is so strong. Due to its many features, the platform needs some basic training in order to be used to its fullest potential. Even though this time is needed to learn, it can be seen as an investment in making processes more efficient and getting the most out of Concur.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti: Integration Capabilities with Other Systems

The wide range of pre-built connections that Concur offers users, including a lot of different ERP and banking systems, is something that the company is very proud of. Businesses that use Concur can easily sync their data across platforms thanks to this wide range of compatibility. This improves data accuracy and cuts down on manual mistakes. Concur’s pre-built integrations are very helpful for businesses that want to handle their whole business, from popular ERP systems to financial systems.

Tipalti, on the other hand, stands out because it has an open API that lets you do what you want. With this feature, users can customise links to meet their exact needs, making it easier to connect with systems that are specific to their business processes. People and businesses can make Tipalti work with their current systems by using the open API. This makes financial management more personalised and flexible.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti: Customer Support and Training Options

The extensive integration features of SAP Concur allow it to be compatible with a wide variety of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems as well as applications available from third-party developers. As a result of this versatility, companies are able to interconnect and integrate data across their whole financial ecosystem in a way that is completely seamless.

The use of Tipalti simplifies the process of integrating with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems. The platform makes it simpler to have a continuous flow of data, which in turn minimises the quantity of human work that is necessary and enhances the overall efficiency of the operations.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti: Security Measures

SAP Concur vs Tipalti

SAP Concur provides its customers with a comprehensive customer support service that includes a wide range of training sessions and materials. Users are provided with access to documentation, tutorials, and support channels that are responsive, which enables them to answer questions in a timely manner.

In addition to delivering individualised training alternatives, Tipalti also provides professional customer help. Users will receive aid in maximising their experience and making the most of the benefits offered by the platform’s features due to the fact that the platform’s objective is to provide users with support.

SAP Concur vs Tipalti: Use Cases and Industries Suited

By following SOC 2 compliance guidelines, Concur shows that it puts a lot of importance on security. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) created SOC 2 as a set of standards to make sure that a service organization’s information security measures are in line with best practices in the industry. By achieving SOC 2 compliance, Concur shows that it is committed to protecting private data, keeping information safe, and making sure that its platform is always available and works properly.

Tipalti, on the other hand, uses a different but equally strong method of security, focusing on PCI DSS compliance and data protection. Any site that deals with money, especially ones that use credit card numbers, needs to follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). By making PCI DSS compliance a top priority, Tipalti makes sure that its payment processing systems meet the strict security standards set by the payment card industry. This protects users’ financial information and lowers the risk of someone getting into them without permission.

SAP Concur : Pros

  • All-encompassing expense management
  • Scalable for businesses of various sizes
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

SAP Concur : Cons

  • Subscription costs can be high for smaller businesses
  • Advanced features might have a learning curve

Tipalti: Pros

  • Global accounts payable automation
  • Customizable user interface
  • Flexible pricing based on transaction volume

Tipalti: Cons

  • May have more features than necessary for smaller businesses
  • Initial setup may require time and resources

Which one should you consider?

Taking all of this into consideration, the choice between SAP Concur and Tipalti is ultimately going to be determined by the specific needs of your organisation. If you place a high importance on effective cost management with travel solutions, it is probable that SAP Concur is the preferable alternative for you to consider. Alternatively, if your firm has to automate its accounts payable around the globe, with a specific focus on payments to suppliers, Tipalti might be the best choice for you to consider.


Can SAP Concur handle international expenses?

To answer your question, yes, SAP Concur is built to manage worldwide expenses, making it suited for companies that have operations anywhere in the world.

Are Tipalti only available for use by major businesses?

The flexible pricing model of Tipalti makes it accessible to organisations of varying sizes, particularly those with complex payment requirements. Although Tipalti is best suited for large corporations, it is also suitable for smaller firms.

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