SharePoint vs Yammer: which collaboration platform is best?

Learn about the differences between SharePoint and Yammer to find the ideal solution for efficient collaboration.

Starting with SharePoint, it is mainly a tool for managing documents and working together. SharePoint is used by businesses to make, share, and organise material like presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. As a central repository, it makes version control, access rights, and editing together easier. SharePoint is great for teams that work together a lot on documents because it can easily organise information using libraries and lists that can be changed to fit your needs.

Yammer, on the other hand, is made to be a business social networking tool. It encourages a more social and chatty way of working together. Yammer gives employees a way to talk to each other, share news, and join in discussions. It works like popular social media sites, with a feed-based system where users can post updates, comment on posts, and share content that is important to them. Yammer encourages a more active and real-time sharing of information, which makes it easier for people from different teams and departments to talk to each other.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Pricing and Licensing

Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one set of productivity tools that includes a wide range of apps and services that can be used by people and businesses. This strong ecosystem includes important programmes like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as cloud-based services that make working together and managing data easier.

One great thing about Microsoft 365 is that it comes with most payment plans, which makes it very useful. Users can access many apps, cloud storage, and contact tools from one place, which makes their work easier and makes them more productive overall. Users can build, edit, and work together on documents in real time as part of Microsoft 365. This makes teamwork and sharing information more efficient.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Comparison Table

The following is a condensed comparison table that highlights essential characteristics of both SharePoint and Yammer, which will help facilitate a comprehensive overview:

PricingIncluded in Microsoft 365 subscriptionsIncluded in certain Microsoft 365 plans
User InterfaceStructured, document-centricSocial media-like, conversation-centric
Team CollaborationDocument collaboration, project managementSocial networking, group discussions
Security & ComplianceGranular permissions, compliance featuresModeration tools, compliance features
Integration with MS 365Deep integration with Office apps and servicesIntegration with Office 365 suite
Document ManagementDocument libraries, version controlLimited document management capabilities
Use CasesEnterprise content management, intranet portalsSocial collaboration, knowledge sharing
Visit websiteVisit website

SharePoint vs Yammer: User Interface and Experience

SharePoint vs Yammer

SharePoint is focused on managing documents and working together on projects, so its user interface is organised and site-based. This choice of design makes it easy for users to find and organise files, set up project sites, and work together on papers in a structured way.

The interface’s hierarchical structure makes it easier to handle information in a more formal and organised way. This makes it good for teams that value structured workflows and working together on documents. Yammer, on the other hand, is more flexible because it looks like a social feed. Real-time conversations and quick updates are very important on the app, which encourages a more casual and natural way of talking to each other.

The layout makes it easy for users to start conversations, share their ideas, and keep up with what’s going on in the organisation. This approach works best for teams that value open communication, sharing information quickly, and working together in a more relaxed setting.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Features

SharePoint is a strong tool that is mostly made for managing structured content, working together on projects, and handling documents quickly. It gives teams a central place to store, organise, and view documents, which makes the work flow smoother. Its document management features allow for version control, access rights, and working together on files, which boosts productivity and lowers the risk of information silos.

Yammer, on the other hand, lets people work together in a more social and real-time way. It stresses open communication and encourages conversations to happen on the spot and group exchanges. Yammer is like a virtual water cooler that helps people in the organisation talk to each other and feel like they are part of a group. With its real-time feed, workers can share news, ask questions, and give feedback right away, making the workplace dynamic and responsive.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Team Collaboration

SharePoint is one of the best platforms for helping teams and projects work together in an organised way. It has many useful features that make working together as a team easier, such as version control, the ability to co-author, and advanced job management tools. SharePoint’s central document repository makes sure that everyone on the team can view the most up-to-date versions of files, work together in real time, and handle project-related tasks quickly and easily.

On the other hand, Yammer is different because it helps teams talk to each other about bigger issues and share what they know. Within the company, it acts as a social networking site where workers can meet, share ideas, and have conversations that aren’t limited to their current projects. Yammer is a great way to break down barriers and encourage people from different departments to work together because it focuses on building community and open communication.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Security and Compliance

The strong security steps that Microsoft has put in place across its ecosystem show that the company is serious about security. Microsoft uses cutting edge technologies to protect its systems from possible cyber threats. These technologies include encryption protocols, safe access controls, threat intelligence, and advanced threat protection. This all-around method helps businesses that use Microsoft products create a safe online space, decreasing the chance of data breaches and unauthorised access.

Microsoft cares a lot about following the rules in the business as well as making sure their security features are strong. Microsoft makes sure that its goods and services follow all the rules and laws that apply to them, like GDPR, HIPAA, and other regional and industry-specific rules. Companies in many fields can use this promise to help them meet their compliance responsibilities, which builds trust among users and stakeholders.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Communication Style

The first scenario, characterized by a focus on document exchange and task-oriented communication, typically involves environments where precision and efficiency are paramount. This approach is often seen in professional settings, project management teams, or collaborative work environments where the primary goal is to exchange information related to specific tasks, projects, or documents. In such contexts, the communication channels may be streamlined to facilitate quick and targeted exchanges, ensuring that team members can efficiently coordinate their efforts and stay on top of project timelines.

On the other hand, the second scenario is designed to promote open communication, knowledge sharing, and the development of a communal atmosphere. In environments emphasizing these principles, the goal is often to foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among community members. Informal discussions and engagement play a crucial role in breaking down barriers and creating an open space for ideas to flow freely. This approach is particularly beneficial in creative or innovative environments where diverse perspectives are valued, and the exchange of ideas can lead to new insights and solutions.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Integration with Microsoft 365

Integration with other Microsoft 365 apps is a key part of a connected digital ecosystem that makes it easier for people to work together and boosts total productivity. This connected synergy makes it easy for users to share and sync data between different Microsoft 365 tools, which makes the process smooth and easy.

The connection goes beyond just being compatible; it provides a unified user experience that goes beyond individual apps. For example, users can move easily from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Word because there are no data silos in the way. This combination not only makes the user experience better, but it also makes the workplace more collaborative and active.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Document Management

Because it has the best document management features, this system is the best way to store, organise, and quickly view large collections of files. Its powerful features let users easily move through large collections of papers, which makes sure that work is streamlined and well-organized. Users can easily find and handle files with advanced search tools, categorization options, and version control. This increases productivity and teamwork within the organisation.

On the other hand, Yammer is good for quickly exchanging files and having conversations, but it doesn’t have as many document sharing options as the full document management system. Yammer is a great way to communicate and work together right away. It lets you share files quickly and have interesting conversations. However, its main goal is to facilitate quick conversations rather than being a complete document store.

SharePoint vs Yammer: Use Cases

SharePoint vs Yammer

Planning, organising, and managing the execution of a project to meet specific goals within a set budget and time frame is what project management is all about. It includes things like figuring out the scope of the project, giving out jobs, planning activities, and keeping an eye on progress. Document sharing lets more than one person work on the same file at the same time, making it easier to talk and make changes in real time.

When an organisation sets up and takes care of its own private network, this is called intranet development. This platform gives workers a central place to get information, resources, and tools, which makes it easier for them to work together and communicate. Workflow automation uses technology to organise and automate tasks that are done over and over again. This makes different processes more efficient and less likely to make mistakes.

SharePoint : Pros

  • Comprehensive document management
  • Structured collaboration
  • Tight integration with Microsoft 365

SharePoint : Cons

  • Steeper learning curve
  • May feel rigid for informal communication

Yammer: Pros

  • Social and dynamic communication
  • Quick and open collaboration
  • Easy to use and adopt

Yammer: Cons

  • Limited document management features
  • May lack structured project collaboration tools

Which is Better?

What matters is that! If you want to have robust workflows, manage documents, and engage with your team on structured projects, SharePoint is the platform you should utilise. Yammer should be utilised for the purpose of facilitating communication throughout the entirety of the company, the dissemination of information, and the establishment of a culture that values collaboration.


Which tool has more features?

SharePoint is a platform that provides a greater variety of functions, particularly for the administration of documents and for collaboration.

What about external collaboration?

In terms of external cooperation, both technologies offer a limited number of alternatives. Think about the security issues and the features that allow guests access.

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