Simpplr vs Workvivo: a comprehensive comparison

Find out about features, prices and benefits and opt for a seamless collaboration between Simpplr and Workvivo.

There is such a wide variety of solutions available, navigating the intricate terrain of employee communication and engagement platforms may at times be a very challenging endeavour. The companies Simpplr and Workvivo, which are among the most formidable competitors in this sector, regularly emerge as significant participants. Both of these companies provide a variety of features that are intended to improve workplace connection and cooperation.

The decision between these platforms becomes increasingly important as these organisations work towards the goal of cultivating a workforce that is more engaged and communicative. The purpose of this thorough reference is to present an in-depth examination of Simpplr and Workvivo, with the goal of assisting you in identifying their similarities, differences, and important considerations so that you can make an informed selection that is suited to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Pricing and Plans

Simpplr and Workvivo are both well-known tools for communicating and working together as a business. They both offer different price plans to meet the needs of different businesses. One thing that makes Simpplr stand out is that it has a clear pricing plan with a simple set price per user. Businesses will have a clear idea of their initial financial investment with this method, which makes planning easier and helps them make smart decisions.

On the other hand, Workvivo uses a custom quote method, which gives its pricing approach some freedom. This makes it possible to make solutions that fit specific needs, but it can make straight comparisons with Simpplr more difficult. With the customised pricing system, businesses often talk to the provider in depth about their unique needs. This makes the process of figuring out prices more flexible and tailored to each business.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Comparison Table

To assist you in evaluating the most important features and functions of both Simpplr and Workvivo, the following table provides a comprehensive comparison of the two:

PricingFlexible plans, transparent pricingCustomizable plans, transparent pricing
User InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendlyModern and intuitive interface
Key FeaturesCollaboration tools, analyticsNews feed, recognition features
Customization OptionsExtensive customizationCustomizable branding and features
Use CasesDiverse industries and use casesDesigned for various industries
SecurityRobust security measuresFocus on data security and compliance
Visit websiteVisit website

Simpplr vs Workvivo: User Interface and Experience

Simpplr vs Workvivo

Simpplr is distinguished by its user-friendly and straightforward UI. This ensures that consumers are able to easily adapt to the platform because navigation is consistent throughout. Participation and participation are encouraged through the design, which contributes to a great experience for the user.

A contemporary and aesthetically pleasing user interface is provided by Workvivo. The platform is meant to be simple to use, and it includes a dashboard that is welcoming to users and features that are easy to understand. The sleek and well-organized style is a clear indication that the user experience is a primary concern.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Features

Simpplr comes equipped with a suite of collaboration tools, including document sharing, messaging, and analytics. The platform prioritizes user engagement, providing features that foster communication and teamwork.

Workvivo emphasizes employee recognition and communication through its news feed and appreciation features. The platform is designed to enhance employee engagement by creating a positive and interactive work environment.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Customization Options

Simpplr offers significant customization possibilities, allowing enterprises to personalise the platform to their branding and communication needs. From color schemes to bespoke messages, Simpplr delivers the versatility necessary for a unique company brand.

Workvivo provides customization of branding and some features to suit with the organization’s identity. While not as extensive as Simpplr, it offers sufficient flexibility to create a personalized experience for users.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Use Cases and Industries

It is possible to utilise Simpplr in a broad variety of business sectors and situations. Due of its adaptability, it is suited for use by enterprises in a variety of industries, including healthcare, technology, and finance. Simpplr is able to accommodate the specific communication requirements of a variety of industries.

With the goal of enhancing employee engagement and communication, Workvivo was developed for a variety of different sectors. Because of its emphasis on recognition and news feed aspects, it is applicable to organisations that have a wide variety of organisational structures and requires different kinds of communication.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Security and Compliance

Simpplr prioritizes security with measures such as data encryption and secure authentication. The platform complies with industry standards, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

Workvivo places a strong emphasis on data security and compliance. With features like secure messaging and access controls, the platform is designed to meet the stringent security requirements of modern organizations.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Recommendations for Your Business

Simpplr vs Workvivo

Choosing between Simpplr and Workvivo depends on your organization’s specific needs. If extensive customization and collaboration tools are crucial, Simpplr may be the ideal choice. Workvivo, on the other hand, might be a better option for you if you place a higher priority on employee recognition and a software interface that is up to date.

For price, you place a high priority on openness. You are in need of an intranet solution that is content-driven. You are a tiny firm or your sector has a variety of requirements. There is a significant emphasis placed on the employee experience and engagement. You have a more developed organisation that has a robust culture within the firm. You place a high importance on social features and numerous customisation options.

Simpplr vs Workvivo: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The user-friendly interface, robust features, and excellent customer support that Simpplr provides have earned it praise from its customers. Positive reviews highlight the platform’s impact on improving internal communication and collaboration within organizations.

The contemporary look of Workvivo, the efficient employee recognition elements it offers, and the overall good influence it has on the culture of the workplace have all garnered praise. Users appreciate the platform’s ability to enhance communication and build a sense of community.

Simpplr: Pros

  • Extensive customization options
  • Robust collaboration tools
  • Positive customer reviews

Simpplr: Cons

  • Pricing may be on the higher side for small businesses

Workvivo: Pros

  • Modern and visually appealing interface
  • Emphasis on employee recognition
  • Flexible pricing plans

Workvivo: Cons

  • Customization options are not as extensive as Simpplr

Which one should you consider?

In the end, the selection between Workvivo and Simpplr is determined by the level of importance that your organisation provides. Simpplr is exceptional when it comes to options for customisation and cooperation, but Workvivo excels when it comes to fostering employee appreciation and providing a contemporary user experience. Take into consideration the particular needs of your organisation and carry out an in-depth analysis based on the objectives you have set for it.


Q: Which platform is better?

There is no one’s “better” platform in particular. The best option is one that takes into account your particular requirements, financial constraints, and the culture of your organisation.

Can I try both platforms before committing?

Both Simpplr and Workvivo do, in fact, provide free trials that allow users to test out their features for themselves.

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