Standard Notes vs Joplin: which is best secure note-taking app?

Standard Notes is an app for taking notes that focuses on keeping things simple, private, and safe. It has a clean, simple interface that makes it easy for users to make notes and organize them. End-to-end encryption is one of Standard Notes’ most important features. It makes sure that all notes are encrypted and that only the user can read them. It syncs across different platforms, so users can access their notes easily from any device. Standard Notes has a free version with a limited number of features and a paid Extended version with more features like encrypted notes, priority support, and more.

Joplin, on the other hand, is a free application for taking notes and keeping track of tasks. It has a lot of features that make it easy to take notes and organize them. Joplin has support for markdown and rich text editing, so users can format their notes however they want. It has advanced ways to organize notes, like notebooks, tags, and to-do lists, so users can easily sort and manage their notes. Joplin also works with end-to-end encryption, which keeps user data safe and private. It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, among others, and is completely free to use. Support and development are paid for by donations from users.

Standard Notes vs Joplin Price

Standard Notes and Joplin are both popular note-taking apps that offer a variety of features and functions. There are some differences in the prices between the two. Standard Notes has a pricing model based on subscriptions. They have a free version with limited features, and users can pay $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year for the Extended subscription to get access to advanced features like encrypted notes, cross-platform syncing, and priority support. Standard Notes also has a one-time fee of $149.99 for a Lifetime subscription, which gives users access to all features for life.

On the other hand, Joplin is free to use and is based on an open-source model. It can be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, among other platforms. Joplin is an open-source program, which means that users can change it and make it fit their needs. Users don’t have to pay anything to use Joplin’s core features, but they can make donations if they want to help the project grow.

Standard Notes vs Joplin Comparison Table

FeatureStandard NotesJoplin
CostFreemium model with free and paid subscription optionsFree and open-source
End-to-end EncryptionYesYes
Cross-platform SupportYes (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web)Yes (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android)
SynchronizationYes, with Standard Notes serverYes, with various cloud storage providers
Note OrganizationNotebooks, tags, and pinningNotebooks, tags, and folders
Markdown SupportYesYes
File AttachmentsLimited to certain file typesYes
Search FunctionalityBasic search functionalityAdvanced search capabilities
CollaborationLimited to sharing read-only linksSyncing and sharing notebooks with others
Extensions/PluginsLimitedPlugins available
Appearance CustomizationLimitedExtensive customization options
Import/ExportLimitedVarious import/export options
Mobile AppYesYes
Community/SupportActive community and support forumActive community and support forum
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Standard Notes vs Joplin User interface

Standard Notes vs Joplin

Standard Notes and Joplin are both note-taking apps, but their user interfaces are different so that they can meet the needs and preferences of their users. The user interface of Standard Notes is simple and clean. The design is simple so that users can concentrate on their notes without being distracted. The interface is easy to understand and use, and there is a sidebar for quick access to folders, tags, and note options. The application gives the same experience on all platforms, so switching between devices is easy.

Joplin, on the other hand, has a user interface with more features and more ways to change it. It gives users different layout options and themes so they can customize how they take notes. Users can choose from different note views in Joplin, such as the markdown editor, the WYSIWYG editor, and the raw editor. This gives them the freedom to use different writing styles. There is also a sidebar that makes it easy to get to notebooks, tags, and notes.

Standard Notes vs Joplin Features

Standard Notes vs Joplin

Note-taking apps with a variety of features that make it simpler to take and organize notes include Standard Notes and Joplin. Making things simple and secure is the main focus of Standard Notes. It encrypts all notes from start to finish, making sure that the user’s information stays private and safe. The app has features like tagging, the ability to search, and the ability to create folders or categories to organize notes. Attachments can also be used with Standard Notes, so users can add files to their notes. It also syncs across platforms, which lets users access their notes from more than one device.

On the other hand, Joplin is an open-source program with a wide range of features. It supports end-to-end encryption, which keeps user data private and safe. Joplin has a lot of ways to take notes, such as support for markdown, rich text editing, and the ability to add files, images, and attachments to notes. Users can also organize their notes into notebooks and sub-notebooks, add tags, and make to-do lists inside notes. Joplin has a powerful search function, can sync across multiple devices, and can import and export notes in different formats.

Standard Notes: Pros and Cons


  • Focus on simplicity and minimalism in its user interface.
  • Strong emphasis on privacy and security with end-to-end encryption for all notes.
  • Cross-platform syncing allows users to access their notes from different devices.
  • Offers advanced features, such as encrypted notes and priority support, in the Extended subscription.


  • Free version has limited features and functionalities.
  • Advanced features require a subscription, which comes with a recurring cost.
  • Limited customization options compared to some other note-taking applications.

Joplin: Pros and Cons


  • Open-source application with a strong community of developers and contributors.
  • Offers a wide range of features for note-taking, including markdown support and advanced organization options.
  • Supports end-to-end encryption for enhanced privacy and security.
  • Available for multiple platforms, providing cross-platform compatibility.


  • Interface and customization options may be overwhelming for users who prefer a simpler experience.
  • Lack of some advanced features available in other note-taking applications.
  • Relies on voluntary contributions for support and development, which may impact the pace of updates and new features.

Which one should you consider?

Whether someone likes Standard Notes or Joplin depends on what they like. If you care most about ease of use, privacy, and security, Standard Notes might be a better choice. But Joplin would be a good choice if you want a lot of different features and ways to customize it. Both apps are made to help you take notes in a reliable way, so you should check out their features and user interfaces to see which one fits your needs better.


Are standard notes good?

I’ve stopped using Evernote since we first downloaded Standard Notes, and we have found that the new app is one of the best of its kind. And because the interface is easy to use and there aren’t too many features, we can easily take notes and know that they’ll be safe and synced with all of my devices.

Is Standard notes secure?

Standard Notes protects your notes and files with the best end-to-end encryption in the industry, which has been audited 4 times. This means that only you have the keys to decrypt your information.

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