Strava vs AllTrails: a comparison for fitness and trail tracking

"Strava vs AllTrails: Trail-Blazing Showdown"

If you are someone who enjoys using one of the finest smartwatches to keep track of your statistics while you are in the middle of a run, bike ride or hike, you have undoubtedly also considered downloading an activity app. But which one is the most suitable for the activities that you are doing? In addition, do these applications provide information and capabilities that your smartwatch does not?

A couple of the most well-known and widely used apps for tracking activities are Strava and AllTrails. Both can be used without cost, but if you sign up for a membership on a monthly or yearly basis, you will have access to additional services that are not available to free users. Below, we will examine the many qualities that each of them possesses, and we will assist you in selecting the one that is most suitable for tracking your outdoor experiences.

Strava vs AllTrails: Pricing and Value Comparison

Additionally, the free edition of Strava runs on a freemium model, which means that it only offers a restricted range of possibilities. If you have a Pro subscription, you will have access to an unlimited amount of activity storage, tools for training analysis, and privacy settings that may be tailored to your preferences.

Along the same lines, AllTrails offers its services using a freemium model; however, the free edition is subject to a number of restrictions or limitations. To remove advertisements, activate offline maps, and make new filters for trail discovery available to you, you will need to subscribe to the Pro version of the app. And in addition to that, you will have access to maps that are not online.

Strava vs AllTrails: Comparison Table

Strava and AllTrails are popular fitness and outdoor adventure tracking platforms. Each meets a different need, providing outdoor enthusiasts with tools to enhance their experiences. This post compares Strava and AllTrails’ features and functions to help you choose which platform is best for you.

Primary FocusCycling and RunningHiking and Outdoor Activities
Mapping FeaturesAdvanced route planning with segmentsTrail maps, route tracking, and waypoints
Social IntegrationExtensive social features for athletesLimited social features for hikers
CommunityLarge active community of athletesCommunity of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts
Premium FeaturesAdvanced training analytics and featuresOffline maps, additional map layers, and more
Global UsagePopular among cyclists and runners globallyWidely used by hikers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide
Free VersionLimited features available for freeBasic features accessible without a subscription
Subscription CostMonthly or annual subscription plansMonthly or annual subscription plans
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

Strava vs AllTrails: Features and Functionality

Strava vs AllTrails

Strava has become a well-known tool for tracking and looking into different fitness activities, like running, cycling, and swimming. However, it mostly focuses on these common exercises. Strava’s easy-to-use interface gives users detailed metrics that help them learn more about their success. The platform’s social features help build a feeling of community by letting people connect, share their accomplishments, and compete with friends and other fitness fans in a fun way.

Even with these benefits, Strava still doesn’t do a great job of supporting trail-specific activities. AllTrails, on the other hand, stands out as a unique site designed for trail exploring and outdoor enthusiasts. What makes AllTrails stand out is its large database. It has a huge number of trails, and each one has thorough maps and reviews from other users.

This huge amount of data is very helpful for people who want to find new and interesting routes, plan exciting trips, and find their way quickly through different types of landscapes. The best thing about AllTrails is that it can meet the needs of hikers, trail runners, and other outdoor adventurers by providing a tool that goes beyond basic fitness tracking.

Strava vs AllTrails: Target Audience

Strava is a superb piece of software that can be utilised by individuals who are interested in monitoring and enhancing their level of physical fitness. The target audience for this product is comprised of a wide range of individuals, including cyclists, runners, and athletes who are looking to gain a competitive advantage. This is due to the fact that the product is designed to appeal to those individuals.

AllTrails is a company that caters to people who have a strong interest in the outdoors by putting an emphasis on activities such as trail running, hiking, and exploring the natural environment. This is the website that people go to when they are seeking for comprehensive trail information, maps, and suggestions that are based on the opinions of the community.

Strava vs AllTrails: Streamline Spend Management

When it comes to outdoor enthusiasts who want to make the most of their recreational activities while also properly managing their finances, Strava Summit and AllTrails Pro stand out as tools that are particularly useful. Athletes who are looking to improve their performance levels will find Strava Summit to be an invaluable companion because of its emphasis on training information.

AllTrails Pro, on the other hand, takes a significantly different strategy, putting an emphasis on improved navigation in order to enhance the overall experience of being outdoors.

Real-time location sharing, advanced GPS tracking, and detailed offline maps are some of the premium features that are included in AllTrails Pro when you purchase the premium version. Not only do these features guarantee that users will remain on the correct path during their trips, but they also contribute to a more secure and enjoyable experience when venturing out into the great outdoors.

Strava vs AllTrails: Trail Discovery and Planning

Strava vs AllTrails

Even though Strava only has a small trail database, it is particularly useful in urban settings because it offers in-depth information about the most popular routes for running and cycling. It’s perfect for people who love activities that take place in the city.

The trail discovery and planning capabilities of AllTrails are exceptional. The website provides a comprehensive database of routes, complete maps, and evaluations written by users. Outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in exploring new and different terrains will find it to be an ideal option.

Strava vs AllTrails: Navigation and Mapping

The fundamental navigational tools that follow the route that you have recorded have been provided. In the event that you do not utilise it in conjunction with other applications, it is not suitable for complex navigation in urban environments.

The professional edition, which comes with offline maps, offers fundamental navigation along with directions that are detailed step-by-step. Having said that, it does not possess any complicated navigation functions and is suitable for following routes that have already been set.

Strava: Pros

  • Precise performance tracking and analysis
  • Motivating social features and challenges
  • Free version works well for casual users

Strava: Cons

  • Limited mapping functionality
  • Less emphasis on trail discovery

AllTrails: Pros

  • Vast trail database with user-generated content
  • More focus on trail discovery and planning
  • Offline maps for reliable navigation

AllTrails: Cons

  • Data-heavy app can drain battery
  • Free version has limited features

Which one should you consider?

We believe that both applications are fantastic for a wide range of activities; however, we must say that the AllTrails app is our favourite because of how visually appealing and user-friendly it is, particularly when you are wanting to travel outside of your immediate vicinity.Both the draw tool, which allowed us to build our own routes, and the exploration of paths that other area runners and hikers had used were quite enjoyable for us.

We found AllTrails to be an excellent app for both running and hiking, and the navigation tool that is included in the Pro edition of the programme is a feature that we depended on quite a bit, particularly when we were trekking over areas that were foreign to us.When you are training for a race and want to improve your times over a set period of time, the analytics that are only available to subscribers of Strava are incredibly helpful. Strava’s free software packs a lot of features into its framework.


Can I use both Strava and AllTrails together?

There are a lot of people who enjoy being outside who use both platforms at the same time. Strava, which allows users to keep track of their fitness activities, and AllTrails, which allows users to browse and design new paths.

Are there any alternatives to Strava and AllTrails?

It is true that there are other options available, such as MapMyRun, Komoot, and Trailforks. Because each platform is tailored to a certain set of outdoor pursuits and interests, it is important to investigate a variety of possibilities in order to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

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