WeSendit vs WeTransfer: which file sharing service suits you?

Uncover the pricing, features, and speed differences in our WeSendit vs WeTransfer analysis

The process of selecting the appropriate file transfer service can be a challenging endeavor, particularly in situations where two well-known solutions, such as WeSendit and WeTransfer, are the major rivals in the field. This is especially evident in situations where there are only two companies that dominate the industry.

Although both platforms provide uncomplicated methods for sharing files over the internet, the features and capabilities of each platform are diverse from one another. This is despite the fact that both platforms offer the same basic methods. In order to assist you in selecting the service that is most appropriate for your needs, this detailed guide will provide a comprehensive description of the fundamental differences that exist between WeSendit and WeTransfer.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: Pricing

The free plan offered by WeSendit is quite extensive, as it includes 5 GB of storage space and download links that are valid for 72 hours. Beginning at €8 per month with a limit of 20 GB, premium plans increase to €18 per month with a maximum of 50 GB. Premium plans begin at €8 per month. It is important to note that these pricier plans come with additional benefits, such as increased storage space and password protection.

The free plan offered by WeTransfer allows for the transfer of up to two gigabytes of data and enables access to downloads for a period of seven different days. A premium subscription starts at €12 per month and has a maximum of 20 GB of data storage space. The password protection, branded URLs, and longer download durations that are included in these plans are all included.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: Comparison Table

For the aim of doing a rapid side-by-side comparison of WeSendit and WeTransfer, let’s develop a comprehensive table that details the specs, price, and other significant components of both services. This will allow us to assess the similarities and differences between the two services.

Free Transfer Size5GB2GB
Maximum File Size (Paid)50GB20GB (Pro)
Password ProtectionYes (Paid)Yes (Paid)
File ExpirationUp to 7 days (Free)Up to 28 days (Free)
Price (Monthly)€8 (Private), €18 (Business)$12 (Pro)
Visit websiteVisit website

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: User Interface and Experience

WeSendit vs WeTransfer

Most people use WeSendit or WeTransfer to share files with others. Both of these services make sending big files easier. When someone signs up for these platforms and all the way through the file sharing process, their experience is very important to how useful they are overall.

Both WeSendit and WeTransfer try to make the process as easy as possible, starting with the sign-up process. To make an account, users usually need to give a real email address and choose a password. WeTransfer is known for having a simple interface. Signing up for an account is quick and easy, so users can quickly get to the platform’s main features. On the other hand, WeSendit might add more steps to its registration process, which might change how users feel about it generally.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: File Size Limits

WeSendit places limitations on both the total size of each transfer and the size of individual files. These limitations restrict both the overall size of each transfer and the size of each file. When using the free version of WeSendit, users are allowed to send files that are up to 5 gigabytes in size on each transfer. This functionality is available to users. With that being said, clients have the possibility to increase this restriction by upgrading to a premium account, which allows for higher file sizes than the normal account does.

WeTransfer imposes size restrictions on the files that account holders can transfer, and these restrictions apply to both free and premium accounts. When using the free edition of WeTransfer, users are able to send files that are up to two gigabytes in size for each transfer that they make. Users now have the opportunity to purchase a premium subscription to WeTransfer Pro, which not only increases the maximum file size that can be transmitted but also gives other possibilities.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: Transfer Speed

WeTransfer is a well-known site for sharing files that is known for having a simple and easy-to-use interface. The service says it can transfer files quickly, so users can easily send big files. How fast files are sent through WeTransfer varies on a number of things, such as the user’s internet connection and the files’ size. WeTransfer has a simple interface that makes it easy for users to upload and share files. However, the real transfer speed may be slower or faster depending on the above factors.

However, WeSendit is also a file sharing service that competes with WeTransfer. Like WeTransfer, it focuses on quick and easy transfers. WeSendit claims to have improved security and encryption features, but it also aims to keep file transfers fast. The app is made to work for both personal and business users, because it knows how important it is to share data quickly.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: Features and Capabilities

The file-sharing services known as WeSendit and WeTransfer are both well-known and provide users with the ability to send and receive large files over the internet. A convenient alternative is provided by these services, which are available to individuals as well as businesses. On account of the fact that every platform possesses its own unique collection of capabilities and features, these platforms are suitable for satisfying a wide variety of user requirements.

When it comes down to it, the decision between WeSendit and WeTransfer is ultimately defined by the specific requirements and priorities of the user to whom the decision is being made. While WeTransfer is generally selected due to its user-friendliness, free plan, and collaboration opportunities, WeSendit may be tempting to customers who demand significant customization and security capabilities. However, WeTransfer is frequently preferred because of its ease of use.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: Integration Options with Other Platforms

Users can send large files straight from their email accounts because WeSendit works with email platforms without any problems. Users who share things via email a lot will benefit from this integration. There are a lot of cloud storage options that work with WeSendit, like Google Drive and Dropbox. This makes it easy for users to move files between their cloud storage accounts and WeSendit, giving them more options for managing their files.

WeTransfer works well with tools for working together, such as Slack. Users can easily share files within their Slack groups, which makes it easier for team members to talk to each other and work together. Users can connect their Google Drive accounts to WeTransfer, which makes it easy to move files between the two services. This combination makes files easier to find and better organized.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: Customer Support

In order to stand out, WeSendit provides excellent customer service through email and live chat, available to users in both English and German. Support for two languages makes the site easier for people who don’t speak the same language to use and improves usability. WeSendit’s support team is known for responding quickly and helpfully, which adds to a good experience for all users.

However, WeTransfer’s customer service is mostly through email and is only available in English. They do give email support, but the time it takes to answer may change depending on how many questions are sent and other factors. People who depend on WeTransfer should be aware that they might have to wait longer to get help through this route.

WeSendit vs WeTransfer: User Reviews and Testimonials

WeSendit vs WeTransfer

The ease of use and user-friendly design of both platforms is something that users often talk about. Many people like how easy it is to share and send files, which makes it useful for people with different levels of technical knowledge. People often say nice things about how easy these tools are to use, which makes the user experience good.

On the other hand, some users are worried about the file size limits that both WeSendit and WeTransfer put in place. These sites usually work well for sharing files that aren’t too big or too small, but people working on bigger files may run into problems. Many users have said they’d like more options in this area, which suggests that lowering the file size limits could make everyone happier.

WeSendit : Pros

  • Larger free tier file size.
  • More affordable business plan with storage.
  • Decentralized storage for security.
  • Branded transfers for professionalism.

WeSendit : Cons

  • Lacks integration with other platforms.
  • occasional connection issues reported.

WeTransfer: Pros

  • Wider integration options,
  • Phone and live chat support
  • Free Pro trial.

WeTransfer: Cons

  • Smaller free tier
  • less feature-rich than WeSendit

Which one should you consider?

We will make recommendations on which platform would be better suited for specific user scenarios based on the extensive comparison that was performed across a variety of characteristics. Whether you place a higher value on speed, affordability, or particular features, the purpose of this section is to direct you toward the platform that best meets your requirements.


Are there any alternative platforms?

It is true that there are a number of other file transfer platforms, each of which has its own set of features and pricing structure. Before selecting a choice, it is important to investigate other possibilities such as Smash, MASV, and Filemail.

What about future development?

The development of new features and functionalities is now underway on both applications. The emphasis that WeSendit places on Web3 technology has the potential to open up interesting new avenues for the future.

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