Workvivo vs Yammer: which is best social networking platform?

Discover the differences between Workvivo and Yammer and choose the perfect solution for corporate social networks.

Within the world of workplace social networking, Workvivo and Yammer stand out as effective tools that make it easier for organisations to communicate with one another and work together. In the course of this exhaustive comparison, we will look into a variety of topics in order to assist you in making an educated selection that is tailored to your particular requirements.

When it comes to your organisation, selecting the appropriate internal communication platform can be a challenging task. Both Workvivo and Yammer, two popular solutions, make the claim that they would increase employee engagement and create an atmosphere that encourages collaboration. However, which one is the most dominant? As we analyse their features, functions, and user experiences, we will help you make an educated selection by providing you with the information you need.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Pricing and Plans

Depending on the size of your organisation and the requirements it has, Workvivo provides pricing plans that are flexible and adaptable. Because of its upfront price, Workvivo guarantees that you only pay for the features that you want, making it suited for enterprises of varying sizes.

Yammer, which is owned by Microsoft, is generally used to connect with Microsoft 365 subscriptions. This is a regular practice. There is a difference in the pricing structure based on whether or not you have a subscription to Microsoft 365, which offers a whole suite of tools for collaboration.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Comparison Table

Workvivo and Yammer are two distinct social networking systems; the table that follows will compare and contrast the most important characteristics of both platforms, as well as the distinctions between them:

User InterfaceModern, intuitive designIntegrated with Microsoft 365, familiar layout
FunctionalityRobust collaboration toolsExtensive Microsoft 365 integration
Content SharingRich media support, streamlined sharingSeamless integration with Office apps
Mobile AccessibilityFeature-rich mobile appMobile app for on-the-go collaboration
Security and ComplianceStringent security measuresMicrosoft’s robust security infrastructure
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Workvivo vs Yammer: User Interface and User Experience

Users will have an easier time navigating and interacting with the platform because to Workvivo’s user interface, which is both contemporary and easy to understand. It is the intention of the user experience to facilitate smooth cooperation and communication while also enhancing it.

It is easy to use and intuitive, especially for employees who are not very knowledgeable about technology, thanks to Workvivo’s streamlined design that is reminiscent of social networking. The appearance of Yammer is more conventional than that of other corporate platforms, which some people may find familiar but less engaging.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Functionality

Workvivo goes beyond the scope of traditional communication by providing employees with recognition and incentive systems, information curating tools, and a personalised newsfeed tailored to their specific interests. As a result of its superior performance in group discussions, surveys, and live events, Yammer is an excellent choice for project collaboration. The vast range of collaboration capabilities that Workvivo offers, including as messaging, file sharing, and project management, are among the company’s strongest characteristics.

It places an emphasis on user interaction by utilising features such as staff appreciation and announcements that are made to the entire organisation. Yammer, which is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, provides users with a comprehensive collection of tools for working together. Users have access to a variety of capabilities, including the ability to collaborate on documents, threaded chats, and connectivity with other Microsoft applications.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Content Sharing and Collaboration

Despite the fact that both platforms make it easier to collaborate and share material, their methodologies are different. Within the Microsoft ecosystem, Yammer streamlines collaboration by integrating with Microsoft Office applications in a smooth manner, whereas Workvivo places an emphasis on providing a user-friendly interface that supports rich media applications.

A cohesive voice is promoted through the usage of Workvivo, which focuses on selected information that is company-centric. Yammer enables more open-ended material sharing, which in turn encourages debates that are driven by employees. Make your selection based on the amount of content control that you require.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Mobile Accessibility

The mobile software produced by Workvivo offers customers a feature-rich experience that enables them to maintain connections and cooperate when they are on the move. The application was developed to guarantee that users may access critical functionalities from their mobile devices in a smooth manner.

Both platforms include comprehensive mobile applications, which allow employees the ability to remain connected and engaged when they are on the move. Users are provided with a familiar experience through the usage of Yammer’s mobile app, which is designed in accordance with the standards of mobile design established by Microsoft. Users are able to continue to be productive and engaged even when they are not physically present at their PCs.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Security and Compliance

The implementation of safeguards to protect user data and maintain compliance with industry standards is one of the ways in which Workvivo focuses a significant emphasis on security. It is possible to exercise granular control over permissions and access using the platform.

Yammer, which is a component of the Microsoft ecosystem, is able to inherit the Microsoft 365 security architecture, which is quite resilient. It is compliant with industry standards, which guarantees the essential level of security and compliance for usage in a business setting.

Workvivo vs Yammer: Use Cases and Case Studies

Workvivo vs Yammer

Workvivo stands out among companies that place a high premium on the involvement of their employees and the development of their culture. These sorts of firms are generally found in organisations that are in the process of quickly expanding and entrepreneurial endeavours. Especially beneficial for well-established companies that already have Microsoft ecosystems in place and a culture of collaboration in the workplace is the Yammer platform.

It is essential to do research into real-world use cases and case studies in order to get a knowledge of the ways in which businesses have successfully implemented Workvivo and Yammer in order to improve communication and collaboration.

Workvivo: Pros

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Robust collaboration tools
  • Employee engagement features

Workvivo: Cons

  • Limited integration options compared to Yammer

Yammer: Pros

  • Deep integration with Microsoft 365
  • Familiar interface for Microsoft users
  • Extensive collaboration features

Yammer: Cons

  • May feel overwhelming for users unfamiliar with Microsoft 365

Which one should you consider?

When it comes down to it, the decision between Workvivo and Yammer is ultimately determined by the precise requirements, preferences, and infrastructure that your organisation already possesses. While Yammer shines in its connectivity with Microsoft 365 and extensive collaboration suite, Workvivo stands out for its user-friendly design and engagement capabilities. Workvivo is a standout among communication platforms.


Can I integrate Workvivo and Yammer?

The answer is yes; both of them provide integrations with a variety of third-party tools; nevertheless, it is possible that a direct integration is not accessible

How does onboarding work for each platform?

Both companies provide specialised onboarding help and resources to enable a seamless transfer for its employees.

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