Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 2024: review, specs and features

Xiaomi is one of the top brands in the wearables market, with fitness trackers that are both cheap and full of features. The Xiaomi Band series is especially popular with people who want a simple, reliable device to track their health and activity. The Xiaomi Band 8 is the newest member of the series. It came out on April 18, 2023, in China, along with other products like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Xiaomi Pad 6 series. The Xiaomi Band 8 is the follow-up to the Xiaomi Band 7, which came out in 2022 and was praised by both users and experts.

People liked the Xiaomi Band 7 because it had a long battery life, could measure heart rate and SpO2 accurately, and had a watch face that could be changed. But it also had some problems, like a small screen, no NFC support, and a strap that looked like it was from the 1990s.At first glance, Xiaomi’s new fitness tracker may look like something you have seen before. The device looks a lot like the 7. It is light and has a band-like shape. It also has the same 1.62-inch AMOLED display with 192 x 490 pixels. Both have a mode that is always on so you can keep an eye on your stats.

But when you look more closely, you can see both small and big differences. The pill-shaped tracker on the Mi Band 8 is 48 x 22.5 x 10.99 mm. This is longer and wider than the Mi Band 7, which was 46.5 x 20.7 x 12.25 mm, but also thinner. Even though the screens are the same size, the 8’s top brightness is 600 nits, while the 7’s was only 500 nits. The new model also has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 Comparison Table

FeatureXiaomi Mi Band 8Xiaomi Mi Band 7
DisplayAMOLED color displayAMOLED color display
Display SizeLarger display sizeSmaller display size
ResolutionHigher resolutionLower resolution
Battery LifeLonger battery lifeGood battery life
Water Resistance5 ATM water resistance5 ATM water resistance
SensorsAdvanced sensors and featuresStandard sensors
Heart Rate MonitorEnhanced heart rate monitoringStandard heart rate monitoring
Fitness TrackingComprehensive fitness trackingStandard fitness tracking
Sleep TrackingAdvanced sleep tracking featuresStandard sleep tracking
Sports ModesMore sports modes availableLimited sports modes
NFCNFC supportNFC support
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
CompatibilityWide compatibility with devicesWide compatibility with devices
PricePotentially higher price rangeAffordable price range
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Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 Design and Display

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7

The Xiaomi Band 8 and the Xiaomi Band 7 are most different in how they look and what they show. The AMOLED screen on the Xiaomi Band 8 is bigger and brighter. It is 1.56 inches and has a resolution of 152 x 486 pixels. The screen can show up to 16 million colors and can get as bright as 450 nits at its brightest. On the other hand, the AMOLED screen on the Xiaomi Band 7 is smaller and darker. It has a size of 1.1 inches and a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. The screen can only show up to 65 million colors, and its brightest point is only 200 nits.

Xiaomi has decided to keep the size of the screen the same for Mi Band 8. Nothing has changed there, and some of the watch faces still have the “always on” option. It wouldn’t have made sense to make the screen bigger because it’s already pretty big. One thing that has changed, though, is that the bracelet can now get brighter than 600 nits for the first time. This brings it closer to the level of smartwatches. Also, the refresh rate has been raised from 30Hz to 60Hz.

The strap mechanism is another big difference. The Xiaomi Band 8 has a new strap that connects to the device on both sides. This makes it easier and safer to wear. The strap also comes in different colors and materials, like leather, metal, nylon, and silicone. The Xiaomi Band 7 has an old strap that wraps around the device. This makes it less useful and more likely to fall off. There are also not many color and material choices for the strap.

The Xiaomi Band 8 also looks classier and simpler than the Xiaomi Band 7. The device has a curved glass cover that fits perfectly with the body, giving it a smooth and sleek look. On the right side of the device is a single button that can be used to turn the screen on or open the menu.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 Features

Since the Mi Band 8 doesn’t have a built-in GPS and has pretty much the same set of sensors, it seems like the fitness and health tracking experience is mostly the same. There are a few differences, though, that we’ll try to find out more about in our full Mi Band 8 review. The Mi Band 8 just beats out its predecessor, the Mi Band 7, when it comes to sports tracking modes. The Mi Band 8 has 150 total profiles, while the Mi Band 7 only had 130. We don’t know what they are yet or if they really add more to the profile than just tracking heart rate, but we will find out in due time.

Other than that, the sports tracking seems to be the same, with estimates of VO2 Max, information about training load, and PAI scores. Xiaomi has strangely gone back to Bluetooth 5.1 for the Mi Band 8. This means that the Mi Band 7, which supports Bluetooth 5.2, is technically more advanced in this one area. In reality, these two versions of the standard are almost exactly the same. The data transfer rate, signal range, and frequency range are all the same. We’re not sure why Xiaomi is doing this, but we don’t think anyone is missing out.

Xiaomi talked up the improved 6-axis motion sensor when they announced the Mi Band 8. But since the Mi Band 7 has the same 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, we’re not sure what’s different about it. Either way, based on what Xiaomi has said so far, we expect to see better insights, such as the Mi Fitness app suggesting fitness courses. We think that any improvement in this area will be helped by the fact that the Mi Band 8 can be attached to a running shoe, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 Performance

It is expected that the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 will work better than the Mi Band 7. With a larger and higher-resolution AMOLED color display, the Mi Band 8 makes the visual experience more immersive and colorful. It’s likely to have a longer battery life, so people can use it for a longer time without having to charge it as often. Both the Mi Band 8 and the Mi Band 7 are water resistant up to 5 ATM. This means that you can wear them while swimming or in the rain without any problems.

But the Mi Band 8 might have more advanced sensors and features that make it better at tracking and monitoring fitness accurately. This could include a more accurate heart rate monitor and more ways to track your fitness. Also, the Mi Band 8 is likely to have advanced sleep tracking features that will give users a lot of information about their sleep patterns and quality. It might also add more sports modes, which would cover a wider range of activities and make it easier for users to track their progress.

In terms of connectivity, it’s likely that both devices will support Bluetooth 5.0, which will allow them to talk to each other in a stable and quick way. Also, the Mi Band 8 might support NFC, which would make mobile payments and other NFC-related tasks easier. The Mi Band 7 works well and is cheap, but the Mi Band 8 may cost more because it has better specs and features. But it’s important to remember that the information here is based on what we know as of September 2021. When Xiaomi releases the Mi Band 8 in the future, it may have different features and specifications.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 Battery life

The next most important thing is the battery life. This has always been a big part of why people have bought Mi Bands. We’re glad to say that the 8th version doesn’t let us down in this way. Its 125 mAh lithium-ion battery lets it work for 15 days on a single charge. This has now gone up by a day. Mi Band 8 can last for 6 days and has a screen that is always on. All it takes is an hour to go from empty to full. That’s also an improvement.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7 Price and availability

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 vs Mi Band 7

The global version of the Mi Band 7 came out in May 2022, but we haven’t seen the Mi Band 8 anywhere but the company’s home country of China. That means the older model is still much easier to find and comes in a much wider range of band colors than the newer model. As always, the global edition is also made better for life outside of China. This means that some features are added or taken away to make things easier. The only thing we know for sure about the Mi Band 8 is its price, or at least what this means.

Xiaomi’s newer Mi Band costs CNY 249, which is about $35 or £30. An NFC version is also available for CNY 299, which is about $45 or £40. When it finally comes out, we think the price of the global edition will be around $50–$60/£50–£60. We’d also be surprised if there was an NFC version, since this feature is usually used for contactless payments and transportation support, and it will only be used in China through partnerships.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8: Pros and cons


  • Longer battery life.
  • Advanced sensors and features.
  • Enhanced heart rate monitoring.
  • Comprehensive fitness tracking.
  • Advanced sleep tracking features.
  • More sports modes available.
  • NFC support.


  • Potentially higher price range (speculative).
  • Limited availability (speculative).

Mi Band 7: Pros and cons


  • AMOLED color display.
  • Good battery life.
  • Standard sensors for basic functionality.
  • Standard heart rate monitoring.
  • Standard fitness tracking.
  • Standard sleep tracking.
  • Limited sports modes available.
  • Affordable price range.


  • Smaller display size.
  • Lower resolution.
  • Limited advanced features and sensors.
  • Limited sports mode options.
  • Limited compatibility with certain devices.

Which one should you consider?

Both the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 and the Mi Band 7 have a lot to offer for cheap fitness trackers. Even though the changes to the Mi Band 8 may not be huge, they do make it better than its predecessor. The most noticeable change is the addition of a two-piece band that can be taken apart. This gives you more ways to customize and wear your watch. The Mi Band 8 also has a bigger screen, a faster refresh rate, and a battery that lasts for an extra day.

The Mi Band 8 now supports 150 sports modes, which is 30 more than the Mi Band 7. Xiaomi has also added a new mode for boxing training and more stats for running. Even with these improvements, some users might be disappointed that the watch doesn’t have a GPS or altimeter built in.


Does Mi Band 7 exist?

If you turn on the screen and click on the weather app on the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, you can see the current weather. This includes the weather icon, the current temperature, the average temperature for the day, the air quality, your location, and the weather for the next 4 days.

When was Mi Band 7 released?

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is an activity tracker that you can wear. The manufacturer is Xiaomi Inc. China released it on May 24, 2022, and the rest of the world did so on June 21, 2022. It has a 490 x 192 pixel capacitive AMOLED screen that is 1.6 inches in size. Additionally, it has an always-on SpO2 sensor and heart rate monitor.

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