Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: which collaboration platform is best?

Learn the differences between Yammer and Microsoft Teams to effectively optimize workplace collaboration for your business needs.

Yammer and Microsoft Teams are two of the most famous competitors produced by Microsoft in the field of business communication and collaboration tools. Both of these products were created by Microsoft. Each platform is designed to improve collaboration among employees and to make communication more efficient within organisations. As part of this in-depth comparison, we will examine a variety of topics in order to assist you in making an educated decision between Yammer vs Microsoft Teams.

There is a lot of confusion involved in choosing between Yammer and Microsoft Teams. Both of these Microsoft products are designed to improve communication and cooperation, but they differ in the ways that they meet certain requirements. By analysing the similarities and differences between the tools, you will be able to select the one that will be most beneficial to your organisation.

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Pricing Models

It is included in the majority of Microsoft 365 plans, it is easily accessible within the context of existing subscriptions. This is a free basic version with restricted functionality. The paid plans grant access to more sophisticated functions, such as additional storage space, bigger meeting capacity, and access to users from outside the organisation.

For organisations who are contemplating these technologies, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the cost structure. Typically, Microsoft Teams is included in the Microsoft 365 subscription, which means that it is a component of the subscription. On the other hand, Yammer has its own price scheme built into its platform. In order to establish which solution is more suitable for their objectives, organisations need to do an analysis of their particular requirements and the limits imposed by their budgets.

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Comparison Table

This table provides a comprehensive comparison of Yammer vs Microsoft Teams, highlighting the most important features and differences between the two platforms, including the following:

FeatureYammerMicrosoft Teams
Integration with Microsoft 365YesYes
Messaging and ChatLimitedExtensive
Document CollaborationBasicAdvanced
Team ChannelsLimitedRobust
Video ConferencingBasicAdvanced
External CollaborationYesYes
User InterfaceSocial Media-likeFamiliar Microsoft UI
Visit websiteVisit website

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: User Interface and Experience

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams

By adopting a user experience that is similar to that of social media, Yammer helps to cultivate a feeling of community inside the organisation. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams offers a user interface that is more familiar to users who are already familiar with the programmes that are included in Microsoft 365, which results in a seamless user experience.

When deciding between the two, it is frequently necessary to take into account both individual preferences and the particular requirements of the organisation. The user interface of Yammer is streamlined and resembles that of major social networking sites. Users who are accustomed to layouts similar to Facebook will find it simple to navigate. Interface with a lot of features. Although it may appear intimidating to first-time users, it can be customised to meet individual requirements.

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Purpose and Use

Yammer’s major purpose is to serve as a social networking platform for businesses, with the intention of promoting open communication and collaboration throughout the whole organisation. This is the core function of Yammer. On the other hand, Microsoft Teams is designed to facilitate real-time collaboration and includes features such as chat, video conferencing, and document sharing among its services.

Its primary focus is on facilitating real-time collaboration. The purpose of these tools, as well as the manner in which they are employed, will be determined by the communication needs and work practices of the organisation.

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Key Similarities

There are several similarities between Yammer and Microsoft Teams, despite the fact that their aims are vastly different. Both of these systems feature connection with Microsoft 365, which enables users to collaborate amongst different apps in a smooth manner.

In addition, they provide several choices for external cooperation, which makes it possible for organisations to establish connections with external partners and customers. Safe and secure communication within the Microsoft environment itself. Integration with other Microsoft products Mobile applications that allow for access while on the move!Functionalities for searching that are user-friendly

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Key Differences

Both of these technologies make it easier to communicate and work together, but the manner that each takes is where the most significant distinctions lie. While Yammer places an emphasis on social networking and cultivates a feeling of community, Microsoft Teams is geared for real-time collaboration and includes elements such as chat and video conferencing on its list of capabilities. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of these distinctions in order to select the appropriate tool for your organisation.

Access to a large audience and open dialogue are both included. Building communities and exchanging information are really important. Interpersonal contact and the participation of staff members Collaboration in real time and administration of projects were done. Communication that is organised and takes place through certain channels. Workflows that are simplified thanks to integrated tools

Both Yammer and Teams receive regular upgrades from Microsoft in order to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of the workplace. It is possible that future trends may include a greater emphasis on user customisation, stronger integration with artificial intelligence, and improved security measures. It is possible for organisations to maintain a competitive advantage in their communication and collaboration strategies by keeping a close watch on these developments.

  • Enhanced Yammer integration within Teams
  • Improved search and discovery features
  • Increased security and compliance functionalities

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Security and Compliance Features

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams

In this day and age, security is of the utmost importance, and both Yammer and Microsoft Teams place a strong emphasis on it. They provide a comprehensive set of security and compliance features, such as data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance with industry requirements.

For the purpose of ensuring that their communication platforms are up to par with security requirements, organisations ought to analyse these aspects. Both systems are compliant with the strict security requirements set out by Microsoft and provide enterprise-grade compliance features simultaneously.

Yammer vs Microsoft Teams: Case Studies

Yammer and Microsoft Teams have been effectively used by organisations in the past, and real-world case studies from the past may give significant insights into how these platforms have been utilised. Through the examination of this kind of case study, these comprehensions may be obtained.

Through the use of case studies, the efficacy of the platforms is demonstrated in terms of their ability to enhance collaborative efforts, communication, and overall productivity. In order for enterprises to have a better understanding of the possible advantages that each technology may offer, it could be good for them to conduct an analysis of these situations.

Yammer : Pros

  • Highly accessible
  • Encourages open communication and engagement
  • Great for knowledge sharing

Yammer: Cons

  • Limited collaboration tools
  • Can lead to information overload

Microsoft Teams: Pros

  • Powerful collaboration tools
  • Streamlined communication within teams
  • Formal and informal communication options

Microsoft Teams: Cons

  • Can be complex for new users
  • Paid plans for advanced features

Which one should you consider?

One must take into consideration the specific requirements and preferences of each organisation before making a decision between Yammer and Microsoft Teams. There is a possibility that Yammer is the best option to go with if the development of a feeling of community and open communication is a top goal. It’s possible that Microsoft Teams is a superior option for businesses who prioritise real-time communication and seamless integration with Microsoft 365.


Can I use Yammer and Microsoft Teams together?

Certainly, organisations are able to utilise both platforms simultaneously in order to meet a variety of communication requirements.

Do these platforms support external collaboration?

Both Yammer and Microsoft Teams do, in fact, have tools that allow for collaboration with third parties.

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