Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM: which CRM is right for you?

Zoho Bigin is a simplified CRM for small businesses; Zoho CRM offers extensive features for all sizes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are very important for businesses that want to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers. CRMs organize customer information in one place, giving you a full picture of every relationship. This lets you communicate with each customer more directly, and it speeds up the sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Businesses can use CRMs to keep track of leads, manage contacts, run marketing campaigns automatically, and get useful information from analytics.

Two strong CRM options that stand out are Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM. Each can meet the needs of a different business. Small businesses can use Zoho Bigin, which is a simplified CRM system that focuses on being easy to use and affordable. Zoho CRM, on the other hand, has a lot of features that businesses of all sizes can use, from small startups to large corporations. In the next section, we’ll look at the differences and similarities between Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM. This will help you choose the best CRM solution to improve your customer relationship management.

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM Comparison table

Zoho Bigin is made for small businesses with simple sales needs. It manages contacts and leads cheaply. Zoho CRM, on the other hand, is good for businesses of all sizes because it has a lot of features, can be customized a lot, and has advanced analytics for a wider range of sales and customer management needs.

FeatureZoho BiginZoho CRM
Target audienceSmall businessesGrowing businesses and enterprises
PricingFree for 1 user, paid plans starting at $7/user/monthFree for 3 users, paid plans starting at $14/user/month
Sales force automationYesYes
Lead and contacts managementYesYes
Accounts/companies managementYesYes
Deal managementYesYes
Tasks, events, and notesYesYes
Sales forecastingYesYes
Multiple currenciesYesYes
Advanced filtersYesYes
Lead scoringYesYes
Scoring rules10 rules/module20 rules/module
Assignment rulesYesYes
Email association with dealsYesYes
Visit Website Visit Website

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM: User Interface and Ease of Use

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM

I’ve used both Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM, and I can say that Bigin is easier to learn and use because it has a more smooth interface. It is made to work with small businesses and has a simpler layout with fewer options and features. Even people who have never used CRM software before will find it easy to get started and find their way around.

The Zoho CRM system, on the other hand, is stronger and has more features. It’s more complicated to use, and it can be hard to learn, especially for people who have never done it before. But it has more features and more ways to customize them, which can be helpful for bigger businesses with more complicated needs.

???? Homepage: Bigin’s homepage is sleek and easy to use, with a focus on your pipeline. At the top, you can see the most important data, like how many deals are in each stage of your pipeline and how much the whole pipeline is worth. You can also quickly get to other useful tools, like your contacts, tasks, and calendar. There are a lot more features and options shown on Zoho CRM’s homepage, making it more complicated and crowded. You might not be able to find the information you need as quickly and easily.

????️ Navigation: Bigin’s navigation menu is easy to use and understand. The main modules are shown in a bar at the top of the screen. To switch between modules, just click on the tab that goes with it. The navigation menu in Zoho CRM is more complicated and can be harder to use. All of the options are shown below the main modules in a sidebar that you have to scroll down to see.

???? Data entry: With its simple and clear forms, Bigin makes it easy to enter data. The forms you use to enter data in Zoho CRM are more complicated and can be harder to use.

???? Reporting: Bigin has a number of ready-made reports that are simple to make and change. For Zoho CRM, there are more report options, but they can be harder to use.

In general, I think Zoho Bigin is easier to learn and use than Zoho CRM because it has a more user-friendly interface. It is a good choice for small businesses that want a CRM system that is simple and easy to use. Zoho CRM is good for bigger companies with more complicated needs, but it can be tough to learn and use.

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM: Integrations

It is possible to sync data between Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM because they are both built to work with each other. It is easy to set up and use this integration, and it lets you keep your data in both systems up to date. Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and QuickBooks are just a few of the third-party apps that Zoho Bigin works with. This lets you link the data in your CRM to other business tools you use.

FeatureZoho BiginZoho CRM
Built-in integration with Zoho CRMYesYes
Third-party integrationsLimitedExtensive
Integration with Zoho OneNoYes

Zoho Contact Manager is part of the Zoho One suite of business apps. It works well with other Zoho One apps like Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Projects. You can now run your whole business from a single platform. Zoho CRM also works with many other apps, such as Zapier, Integromat, and Pabbly Connect. This means that you can link your CRM data to almost any other business tool you use.

I’ve used both Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM, but Zoho CRM has better integration tools. My marketing automation platform and my email marketing platform are two of the business tools that I use to connect Zoho CRM. This saves me a lot of time and lets me automate a lot of the things I do for my business. In general, Zoho CRM is a better choice if you want a CRM system that can easily connect to other systems. That being said, Zoho Bigin is a good choice for small businesses that want an easy and cheap CRM system.

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM: Mobile Accessibility

Zoho Bigin is a CRM app for small businesses that is easier to use. This is shown in its mobile app, which is simple to find your way around and use. You can quickly get to all of your important information in the app, such as your pipeline, deals, contacts, activities, and more. You can make records and change them while you’re out and about.

One of my favorite things about the Zoho Bigin app for my phone is that it can be used anywhere. For those who don’t have internet access, this means you can still use the app. This is great for sales reps who need to get to their CRM data while they’re out and about and can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

FeatureZoho BiginZoho CRM
SimplicitySimpleMore complex
Ease of useEasy to useMore difficult to use
Offline modeYesNo
Custom modulesNoYes
Advanced reporting and analyticsNoYes
Collaboration toolsNoYes

The Zoho CRM app is a more powerful CRM that is made for businesses of all sizes. Plus, its mobile app has more features and functions than the Zoho Bigin app, which shows that it is different.

Along with the features that are available in Zoho Bigin, the Zoho CRM mobile app also lets you:

  • Manage multiple pipelines
  • Create and manage custom modules
  • Use advanced reporting and analytics tools
  • Collaborate with other team members in real time

If you want a CRM app that can do a lot of different things, Zoho CRM is the better choice. Zoho Bigin, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want a straightforward and simple CRM app.

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM: Customer Support and Resources

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM

The customer service for Zoho Bigin is not as good as the customer service for Zoho CRM. Customers of Bigin can get help by email, but not by live chat or phone. Customers of Zoho CRM, on the other hand, can get all three kinds of help.Customers of Zoho CRM are also eligible for priority support, which entails that their support tickets will be attended to initially.

There are numerous articles, videos, and tutorials available on Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM that can assist users in becoming familiar with the platform. In contrast, Zoho CRM boasts a larger resource library than Zoho Bigin. There are numerous training programs and certifications offered by Zoho CRM.

FeatureZoho BiginZoho CRM
Customer supportEmailEmail, live chat, phone
Priority supportNoYes
ResourcesArticles, tutorials, videosArticles, tutorials, videos, training courses, certifications

Overall, both Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM have great tools and support for customers. The support and resources for Zoho CRM are better than those for Zoho Bigin, though. Zoho CRM is made for bigger companies with more complicated needs, so this is the case.

Zoho Bigin: Pros and Cons


  • Cost-effective for small businesses.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Quick setup and easy to use.
  • Good for basic contact and lead management.


  • Not suitable for larger or complex sales processes.

Zoho CRM: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive sales and customer management.
  • Advanced customization and automation.
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Rich analytics and reporting.


  • Steeper learning curve.

Zoho Bigin vs Zoho CRM: which one should you consider?

Which one you choose between Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM should depend on the needs and size of your business. Zoho Bigin is a simplified CRM made for small businesses and startups. It has all the features you need to manage your relationships with customers at a price you can afford. It’s perfect for companies that want an easy-to-use solution.

Zoho CRM, on the other hand, is a more robust and complete CRM platform that works well for larger businesses that need more advanced customization and automation. It works with more types of businesses and can be expanded as your company grows. In the end, the choice depends on the size, complexity, and CRM goals of your business.


What is the difference between Zoho Bigin and Zoho CRM?

While Zoho Bigin is easier to use than Zoho CRM, there are some things that it doesn’t do as well. This is Zoho CRM, a full-featured Customer Relationship Management system that’s made to grow with your business. It has a lot of high-end features and can be heavily customized.

What is Zoho Bigin used for?

Bigin is a simple CRM tool for small businesses that focuses on pipelines. Bigin has a set of CRM features that are designed to be easy for users to streamline sales processes, close more deals, and speed up growth. You can also easily switch from Bigin to Zoho CRM when your business grows too big for Bigin.

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