Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: a comprehensive comparison

Discover Zoho Recruit and Manatal to find the perfect solution for your recruitment processes.

The utilisation of recruitment software is essential to the optimisation and enhancement of the effectiveness of the hiring process. This software is designed to meet the varied requirements of businesses operating on a variety of scales. Zoho Recruit and Manatal stand out as two important participants in this competitive area, despite the fact that there are a multitude of options available.

The purpose of this in-depth comparison is to provide a full study of these platforms, with the intention of putting light on crucial variables that can greatly affect your decision-making process when it comes to picking the most suitable recruitment solution for your organisation. It can be like searching through sand for gold to find the right person to join your team. Although Manatal and Zoho Recruit appear to be robust application tracking systems (ATS), you should compare them in more detail to determine which is best for your requirements.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: Pricing

Zoho Recruit provides tiered options beginning at $25 per user per month, even though the free plan has restricted features. When you upgrade to a higher plan, you gain access to more advanced features such as applicant sourcing tools, reporting, and custom fields.

With a free trial, the Manatal service begins at $15 per user per month. There are various capabilities that are not included in Zoho’s base plan, such as client portals and social media candidate enrichment. This upgrade also includes limitless resume processing.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: Comparison Table

Picking the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is very important if you want to make the hiring process go more smoothly. Zoho Recruit and Manatal are two well-known players in the field. In this in-depth comparison, we’ll look at their features, price, user interface, and more. This detailed table will help you make an informed hiring choice that fits your specific needs, no matter how big or small your business is.

FeatureZoho RecruitManatal
PricingVarious plans availableTailored plans for different sizes
User InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendlyModern and easy-to-navigate
FeaturesDiverse functionalityComprehensive feature set
ATS CapabilitiesAdvanced applicant trackingStreamlined ATS capabilities
Integration OptionsExtensive third-party integrationsSeamless integration options
Customer SupportRobust support and resourcesDedicated customer support
Security and Data PrivacyStringent security measuresPriority on data privacy
User FeedbackPositive reviews and testimonialsHigh satisfaction among users
Visit WebsiteVisit Website

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: User Interface and Experience

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal

Zoho Recruit stands out because of its easy-to-use design, which makes the whole process smooth for users. It’s easy to move between the different features and functions, so recruiters and hiring managers can focus on their main jobs without having to deal with extra problems. The interface was carefully thought out, with a focus on being clear and easy to use. This means that people with different levels of technical knowledge can use it.

Manatal is proud of how current and sleek its software looks, which makes it easier for people to use. In addition to looking good, the interface is also designed to work well. The platform’s features are easy for users to get to and use without being swamped. The interface for Manatal was created with the idea of combining beauty and usefulness, so the software not only looks good but also makes you more productive.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: Features and Functionality

The unique thing about Zoho Recruit is that it can do a lot of different things. The app does a great job of parsing resumes, which is an important part of the early stages of hiring. Zoho Recruit instantly pulls relevant information from resumes using advanced parsing features, which lets recruiters quickly judge candidates’ qualifications. This speeds up the screening process and makes it less likely that important details will be missed.

On the other hand, Manatal has a wide range of features that can be used for all kinds of employment tasks. From sourcing to onboarding, Manatal offers a system that works well with everything else. Manatal’s sourcing features let recruiters look for talent through a variety of outlets, such as job boards, social media, and professional networks. This wide reach brings in more possible candidates, which increases the chances of hiring the best person for the job.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: ATS Capabilities

One thing that makes Zoho Recruit stand out is that it can fully parse resumes, which means that users can easily pull out and organise important information from resumes. This feature speeds up the first screening by adding relevant information, like work experience, skills, and schooling, to the system automatically. Additionally, Zoho Recruit has routines that can be changed in a lot of ways, so companies can make their hiring processes fit their needs.

This makes the platform adaptable to the specific needs of various businesses and industries, which leads to a faster and more accurate hiring process. Manatal, on the other hand, is great at efficiently parsing resumes so that employers can quickly and correctly pull out important information from them. Using this feature makes the first steps of evaluating candidates easier, so recruiters can focus on the most important parts of each applicant’s resume.

Manatal goes one step further by having an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop features for booking interviews. This makes it easier to schedule interviews and improves contact between hiring teams, which makes the interview process run more smoothly and efficiently.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: Recruitment Workflow and Customization

Among recruitment software, Zoho Recruit stands out because it offers a strong platform that can handle the many and complicated needs of businesses with complicated processes. It really shines when it comes to giving businesses a lot of different ways to customise their hiring methods to fit their needs. Businesses can make and use complex systems that work perfectly with their own hiring processes with Zoho Recruit.

This high level of customisation lets businesses improve their hiring processes, making sure they find the right people quickly and accurately. But Manatal stands out because it focuses on being simple and easy to use. This makes it a great choice for smaller teams or companies that want to keep their processes as simple as possible.

Manatal’s strength is its pre-built workflows, which are made to meet common recruiting needs. These workflows offer an out-of-the-box option for companies that want to manage their hiring processes quickly and effectively. The simple layout and functions make it simple for users to find their way around the platform.

Integration Options with Other Tools and Platforms

Zoho Recruit has a huge number of third-party connections, which makes it a very flexible platform that works well with many different tools and systems. With this long list of integrations, users can speed up the hiring process by using the newest technologies and apps that are specific to their business. Zoho Recruit is compatible with a wide range of tools, such as application tracking systems, collaboration platforms, and communication channels.

Manatal knows how important integration is in today’s fast-paced job market and provides smooth choices to make sure that all of their services work with different tools and platforms. Manatal makes it easy for users to use their current infrastructure while still getting the most out of the platform’s advanced features. Companies can change their hiring procedures to fit their needs because of this flexibility. This makes the process of hiring people more flexible and quick.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: Customer Support

Zoho Recruit stands out as a complete option for hiring people, not only because it has a lot of useful features, but also because it has strong customer service channels that are always open. The platform really does a great job of giving users a smooth experience, which is helped by its detailed instructions, helpful tutorials, and quick help from a support team.

User reviews for both Zoho Recruit and its rival, Manatal, show that a lot of people are happy with how well they work and how well they help them. The favourable reviews from users indicate that Zoho Recruit satisfies the requirements of a broad spectrum of recruitment workers. Whether it’s for its user-friendly interface, sophisticated features, or committed customer support, Zoho Recruit consistently receives recognition for how it expedites the hiring process and enhances approaches to talent acquisition.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: Security and Data Privacy

Advanced encryption methods, secure socket layer (SSL) technology, and multi-factor authentication are used by Zoho Recruit to make it very secure. This makes it impossible for people who aren’t supposed to be there to get in. This keeps sensitive information about job candidates, secret hiring plans, and internal conversations safe from possible threats and breaches. Zoho Recruit also regularly performs security tests and assessments to find and fix any vulnerabilities quickly, showing that they are proactive in protecting the integrity of their platform.

As an alternative, Manatal knows how important it is to protect data privacy and makes sure that all user information in its employment software is kept private and correct. Manatal uses strong encryption standards and safe data transmission methods to keep user data safe while it is being sent and while it is being stored. The website also follows best practices and compliance standards in the industry.

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal: User Feedback and Reviews

Zoho Recruit vs Manatal

Zoho Recruit has been praised for making the hiring process easier. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features have won it praise. Users often praise how easy it is to use, how well it integrates with other systems, and how well the application tracking system works. A lot of the good feedback talks about how Zoho Recruit saves time, helps team members work together better, and makes the recruitment process more organised.

In the same way, Manatal has made a name for itself by getting praise for its creative way of hiring people. People who use it like how many tools it has for everything, from advanced data to sourcing and applicant tracking. Many of the good things said about Manatal focus on how it can improve teamwork, automate boring tasks, and give useful information by making decisions based on data in the hiring process.

Zoho Recruit: Pros

  • Extensive features and customization options
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Large integration marketplace

Zoho Recruit: Cons

  • Steeper learning curve
  • Higher cost for advanced features

Manatal: Pros

  • User-friendly interface and intuitive workflows
  • Affordable pricing with some advanced features included
  • Positive user feedback on support

Manatal: Cons

  • Fewer native integrations
  • Limited customization compared to Zoho Recruit

Which one should you consider?

Which platform is “better” depends on the precise requirements and preferences that you have. There is a possibility that Zoho Recruit is the best option for you if you require broad functionality, substantial customisation, and robust reporting. Manatal can be the right choice for you if you’re looking for user-friendliness, cost, and pre-built workflows.


Can I customize my recruitment workflow on both platforms?

Both Zoho Recruit and Manatal do, in fact, provide customisation options that allow you to tailor recruitment procedures to the specific requirements of your firm.

What kind of customer service will you receive on these platforms?

Both Zoho Recruit and Manatal offer comprehensive customer support, which includes access to documentation, tutorials, and assistance that is prompt and attentive.

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