How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves: easy steps

It’s a lot of fun to sail the high seas with friends in Sea of Thieves. But first we need to find our other pirate friends. Only then can we go hunt krakens and loot with them. Don’t worry we will show you how to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves!

In Sea of Thieves, there is no friend list built into the game. We add friends through Xbox Live instead. Our friends are added through Xbox Live whether we play on a computer or an Xbox. Now let’s learn how to add friends and make our pirate group even better.

How to Add Friends in Sea of Thieves

Adding Friends on Xbox

Using the Xbox Guide Menu:

  1. We can use the Xbox button on our controller to play a game.
  2. First, we click on “People” and then “Find someone.”
  3. Then we put in the name of our friend and send them a want to be friends.

Through the Xbox App:

  1. We can also use our phones or computers to add friends.
  2. We open the Xbox app and select the Friends tab.
  3. Following that, we click “Add Friends” and type in the name or email address of our friend.
  4. Finally, we ask them to be our friend.

Adding Friends on PC

  1. At the start of a game, press the computer button that looks like a house.
  2. Your screen will show a choice.
  3. Then click on “People.”
  4. Then pick “Find someone.”
  5. Call your friend’s unique game name a “Gamertag” and ask them to be your friend.

Adding Friends via Xbox Game Pass

  1. We need to use our phone or computer to open the Xbox Game Pass app.
  2. Then we click on the tab that says “Friends.”
  3. Then we clicked “Add Friends.”
  4. We put in the email address or Gamertag of our friend.
  5. Finally, we ask them to be our friend.

Tips and Tricks for Networking in Sea of Thieves

Add Friends in Sea of Thieves

Come on, let’s talk about making pirate friends! It’s very important to have a great pirate team in Sea of Thieves. Here are some simple ways to meet new people and have fun sailing with them:

  • Connect: Let’s use the chat wheel and emotes to talk to each other and make sure we’re all on the same page. Everyone has to work together for the ship to be good.
  • Make a plan: Let’s choose what we want to do before we leave: look for wealth, enjoy the islands, or fight other pirates. Our plan works best if we all agree on it.
  • Find Good Crew Members: People we meet who are nice and willing to work with us should be added as friends so we can sail with them again.
  • Be nice: It’s not always better to fight right away than to talk to other ships. First, let’s talk things out and see if we can work together.
  • Be careful of Lag: The game may be running slowly because of the way we link to the internet. For a smoother experience, a wired link is better than Wi-Fi.
  • If we’re still having trouble, we can look at the Sea of Thieves website to find out how to fix our link. They have guides that can help us. The official website of the game is the place to go if you are interested in learning more about it.

Final Words

It’s very easy to make friends in Sea of Thieves. It means you can have more fun with friends while you explore the ocean. No matter how many friends you have, it’s always cool to have them with you. Let’s get our friends together, board our ship, and go on some cool adventures!

Also, don’t forget to tell your pirate friends on Facebook and X (Twitter) if you liked this guide. Let’s have more fun on the high seas by getting more friends to join our pirate group. Pirate life is #SeaOfThieves.


Can I add friends from other platforms, like Steam or PlayStation?

You can’t ask your friend to be your friend in Sea of Thieves if they’re playing on a different system than you are, like a computer versus an Xbox. If they have the same game as you, though, you can be friends and play together!

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can add in Sea of Thieves?

In Sea of Thieves, you can make a lot of friends. You and your friends can sail with as many people as you want.

Can I remove friends from my friends list?

Also, you can unfriend someone in the game at any time. Just find the friend you want to break up with on your list of friends and click the “Not Friends” button. Simple as that!

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