How to Get and Breed Sheep in Manor Lords: 3 easy steps

Learn how to acquire and breed sheep for wool & income in Manor Lords.

We Get and Breed Sheep in Manor Lords. We also trade with other people for wool. There are some things we need to do to get our own sheep. First, we build a unique spot near the King’s Road called a Livestock Trading Post. Then we ask some people to help us run it.

This spot helps us bring animals in and send them out. Now we make a safe place for our sheep to graze on grass without getting lost. We call this place a pasture. We then use the menu to bring some sheep back to the Livestock Trading Post.

Since we have to pay for each sheep we bring in, we need to figure out how many we can get. Just three or four sheep are a good number to start with. To keep them safe, we build a Sheep Farm. A family is given this job to take care of the sheep.

How to upgrade Burgage Plot in Manor Lords

Acquiring Sheep

In Manor Lords, we need to get some sheep before we can start taking care of them. We can do this in a number of ways.

  1. People who sell sheep can be found in nearby towns or markets. Try to find people who sell animals, mostly sheep.
  2. We can ask nearby lords if they have extra sheep they’d be willing to trade. It’s sometimes just as easy to get sheep with nice talk and deals as it is with money.
  3. There are times when we might see wild sheep outside. We can catch them and add them to our group of sheep as a friend.
  4. Sometimes, when we finish important jobs or tasks, we might get sheep as a reward.

Setting Up a Sheep Pen

We need to give our first flock of sheep a good place to live so they can be happy and grow. We need to make a strong pen for the sheep. That’s what we can do:

How to Get and Breed Sheep in Manor Lords
  1. What to Do: We need to find a big area in our yard for the sheep pen. It should have an area with grass for the sheep to eat and a fence around it to keep them safe from animals that might want to hurt them.
  2. Sheep’s Home: Let’s build the sheep little homes where they can stay dry when it rains or gets too hot. Also, we need to put out bowls of food and water for them so they can eat and drink whenever they want.
  3. A Clean Home: To keep the sheep healthy and away from sickness, we must always keep their home clean. To keep them happy, we’ll clean it up often.
  4. We can make the sheep pen bigger and better if we see more sheep joining our family. That way, everyone will have enough room to eat and play.

Sheep Breeding Strategies

For our farm, it’s very important to get more sheep. We want the sheep to get bigger and better. To help our sheep have babies and make our farm even better, we can do the following:

  1. We are careful when we choose mommy and daddy sheep. We pick ones that are very healthy, have a lot of kids, and have a lot of wool.
  2. To keep our family of sheep healthy and strong, we sometimes add new daddies.
  3. We watch to see when the mother sheep has kids and make sure the babies are fed and cared for.
  4. We check to see how many sheep we have and make sure they’re all okay. We help them or find them a new home if some aren’t.

Final Words

Let’s begin our journey to become great sheep farmers in Manor Lords! I’m going to give us some advice. Our farm can grow and we can tell our friends about our wins. Good luck with your business! If you want to play and download this video game you can visit official website.

Tell your friends about how to get sheep in Manor Lords and breed them! Let’s help them also become great sheep farmers! Get the word out on Twitter and Facebook! “Manor Lords,” “Sheep Farming,” and “Mediaeval Life”


Can I breed different sheep breeds together in Manor Lords?

Yes, of course! We can mix different types of sheep to make new ones with unique traits.

How often do sheep reproduce in Manor Lords?

In Manor Lords, sheep only have kids once a year. In the spring, the mom sheep, which we call ewes, give birth.

What factors influence wool quality in Manor Lords?

Few things affect how soft and thick the wool on the sheep in Manor Lords. These include the type of sheep, their age, health, and what they eat.

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