How to unlock Invoker in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a new game that will take us on a new journey. A cool new area called the Forgotten Kingdom has been added. This is where we can learn how to unlock Invoker in Remnant 2. That person is magical!

Our adventure will begin in Yaesha, a big, green area high in the Ancient Canopy. That area is a little hard to walk through because there are many paths and big monsters to avoid. We need to figure out some puzzles too, like a big, fun game to play outside!

We’ll find a new place after beating something called the Cinderclad Monolith in a big fight. I think we can do it, even though it sounds scary. After that, we need to find a secret spot in a sandy area. There’s a special place there that looks like a normal piece of sand.

Understanding the Invoker

Before we start getting things, let’s talk about how cool the Invoker is! Remember that the Invoker is like a character in Remnant 2. During fights, they can do many things. To win the fight, they use magic and move very quickly. You’ll love the Invoker if you like to use strong magic or keep your friends safe.

Requirements for Unlocking the Invoker

In many games, these conditions are standard for getting access to higher-level skills or upgrades. Please feel free to ask if you need more information or have any other questions!

Hero LevelReach level 12
Quest CompletionComplete the quest “Mystical Journey”
GoldPay 500 gold
Skill PointsSpend 10 skill points
Mastery PointsAllocate 5 mastery points
Invoker LevelAttain Invoker level 2
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How to unlock Invoker in Remnant 2

  1. Finish the Big Adventure: First, you need to finish all of Remnant 2’s fun quests. That’s like finishing a big book of fun and exciting stories.
  2. Get Strong: After that, you need to get really strong! To do this, you have to go everywhere, complete jobs, and beat the tough bad guys. You get stronger as you do this more.
  3. Find the unique spot: Now that you’re really strong, it’s time to find the Arcane Sanctuary, a hidden place. You have to find a prize that is hidden in a big maze. But be careful! It gets tricky at times, and there are scary monsters to avoid.
  4. Do well on the magic tests: You will be given magic tests when you get to the Arcane Sanctuary. You’ll have to show that you can use different kinds of magic, like nature and fire magic. It’s like having superpowers and being a superhero!
  5. Be a Very Strong Invoker! You made it! You’re now an Invoker because you passed all the tests! That means you have superpowers that can beat any bad guys. Get ready to be the coolest hero in the world by using your skills.

Advanced Strategies for Using the Invoker in Gameplay

unlock Invoker in Remnant 2
  • Elemental Combos: To make magic that is really strong, we can mix things like ice and lightning. We mix them up to find the one that fights bad guys the best. Like how ice and lightning together make a big zap!
  • Inscriptions and Traits: This means that we can make our power even stronger. We find unique things that make our magic stronger or help it heal faster. Some things make us stronger even when we don’t do anything!
  • Weapon Choice: We can choose what we use to fight! We use a big gun to get really close to the bad guys. We use a different gun when we want to stay away!
  • Cover and Dodge: We need to be careful since we’re not very tough. When bad guys try to hit us, we move out of the way and hide behind things. It’s very important to be in the right place!
  • Good job, Team Synergy! We really know how to help our friends! They help us make magic that is very strong. Such as, if our friend freezes things, we can use our fire magic to break them!


Can I unlock the Invoker without completing the main storyline?

It is technically possible to unlock the Invoker without finishing the main story, but you might not be able to do all the quests and see all the material in the game if you do that. For the best experience, we suggest that you finish the main story first.

Is there a specific level I need to reach to unlock the Invoker?

Yes, you need to be a certain level to start the questline that unlocks the Invoker. This condition could be different, so make sure you check the developers’ or community forums for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any prerequisites for starting the Invoker questline?

Aside from being at the right level, there aren’t many specific things you need to do before you can start the Invoker questline. But it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve fully explored the game world and finished any side quests that are important.

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