How to upgrade Burgage Plot in Manor Lords: simple guide

Boost your town! Learn how to upgrade Burgage Plots in Manor Lords.

We want our town to get bigger and stronger in Manor Lords! We need to upgrade Burgage Plot in Manor Lords. These homes have three floors, and as we improve them, more good things come our way.

We need to do some important things first, though, before we can make our homes better. In our town, we need to make a plan for where everything goes and make sure we have enough of everything. Some things in our town, like churches and wells, make it nicer for everyone.

We also need a market that is busy and has lots of things to buy, like clothes and food. We also need a lot of wood to build everything. Every time we do these things right, our homes will get bigger and everyone in town will be very happy and wealthy.

Understanding Burgage Plots

Burgage Plots are a cool thing to talk about! These are the pieces that make up our city, like puzzle parts. They’re very important because they house everyone who lives and works here. We need to make sure that our puzzle pieces get bigger as more friends move in with us.

Crime plots in our game, Manor Lords, come in many forms. We start with simple ones that look like little puzzle parts. We can make them bigger and better as we play and build our city, though. We get cool new things that help our city grow every time we improve them. Let’s keep making our city better and better until it’s the best place ever! To find out more, go to the main official website of Manor Lords.

How to upgrade Burgage Plot in Manor Lords

Assess Your City’s Needs

Let’s talk about how to make our place better! Let’s start by taking a look at our city’s present state and our plans for the future. This city is doing well? We can think about how many people live here, how much stuff we make, and other things.

Gather Resources

We can choose which parts of the city to fix first once we know what it needs the most. To make our city better, like the Burgage Plots, we need different things, like rocks, wood, and people to help. Also, we need to make sure we have enough cash to pay for everything.

Choose the Right Upgrades

When we fix up the Burgage Plots, they give us cool stuff that helps the city. You can tell us what’s most important to you, like building more homes, making more things, or keep our city safe.

upgrade Burgage Plot in Manor Lords

Implement Strategic Placement

It’s also very important where we put the improved Burgage Plots. As quickly as possible, we need to put them where they will make it easy for everyone to get what they need.

Monitor and Adapt

Now that the Burgage Plots are better, we need to keep an eye on them. When we check, we see if more people move in, if we use too much stuff, and if everyone is okay. As our city grows, we can make changes to keep everyone happy and make sure there are no problems

Benefits of Upgrading Burgage Plots

upgrade Burgage Plot in Manor Lords
  • More people and more money: When we improve our areas, more families move into our town, which makes it bigger. We have more money as our town grows. That’s cool, right?
  • Settlement Progression: Our town grows when we improve our Burgage Plots. As our town gets bigger, we get new buildings and cool toys to play with.
  • Backyard Add-Ons: We can make our backyards even cooler by improving our Burgage Plots. We can have gardens with tasty fruits and chicken coops for eggs.
  • Smaller, better-equipped plots with outdoor stuff can be even better than big plots that look like they’d be good for crops. Plus, we’ll have smart use of our land and room for other fun things!

Final Words

Our city gets stronger and better when we improve our Burgage Plots. Friends who want to be kings and queens of their own towns can come visit our cool city. It will be so much fun to build and rule our mediaeval lands together!

Let’s tweet and share this guide with our friends on Facebook so they can also make their towns cool. We’ll help each other out like knights on our way to becoming great!


What factors should I consider when choosing which Burgage Plot upgrades to prioritize?

We think about how many people live in our city, how much stuff we can make, and what our city wants to do when we decide to make it better. We choose projects that will best serve our city and fit with our long-term goals.

Can I demolish and rebuild Burgage Plots in Manor Lords?

We can take a house or shop down and put it somewhere else if we want to move it in our city. It does cost money, though, and things might not work for a while.

How do I unlock new Burgage Plot upgrades in Manor Lords?

When we learn new things in the game, we can improve our houses. We can make more cool things for our city as we learn more.

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