How to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs (4 easy steps)

Ditch the keyboard! Use voice typing to create Google Docs documents.

Today I’m going to show you how to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs to write down what we say! You can call it talking to the computer! Before we do anything else, we need to open Google Docs and make a new page.

Next, we look to the screen’s top and find “Tools.” When we click on it, we’ll see “Voice typing…” Also click on that! On the screen, a tiny microphone that looks like a circle will appear. We press that microphone button, and it goes red when we’re ready to talk. That means the machine can hear you.

We can now talk about anything we desire! We know how to count to five, tell stories, and even say our ABCs. It’s going to record everything we say. When we’re done talking, we press the mic button again to stop hearing. That’s all there is to it! We just told Google Docs to record everything we said that we spoke. You can check the official website if you want to know more about what we are going to show you.

How to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs

  1. Open Google Docs: We need to go to a PC spot called Google Docs and open it. It takes us there when we click on a certain button on the computer.
  2. Turn on Voice Typing: We want the machine to type what we say instead of typing it. We press a few keys together or click on a special button on the computer to do this.
  3. Computers will ask if they can listen to us from time to time. It lets the computer hear us when we say “yes” by clicking a button.
  4. Beginning to Talk: The computer is ready to listen when we see a small picture of a microphone on the screen. It writes down everything we say when we talk to it.

Advanced Features and Commands

Google Docs does more than just write down what you say when you talk to it. A lot of cool things can also be done with it to help you write better!

 Use Voice Typing in Google Docs
  • These orders can change the way words look: “bold,” “italicise,” and “underline.”
  • We can say “insert link” or “insert table” and tell it what we need to add.
  • Things like “go to the end of the queue” and “scroll down” can be used to move around in our text.
  • Google Docs works with a lot of languages, so it’s easy to make papers in the language we want.

Final Words

I have a cool story for you! Have you ever talked to your computer? It will write down everything you say. It works like magic! You can do that in Google Docs with mouth typing. It makes papers really quickly!

Just do what we said and follow the steps and tips we gave you. After that, you’ll be mouth typing like a pro! You can check it out right now and see how great it is! Also, don’t forget to tell your family and friends! Like you, they might want to give it a try and be amazed.


Can I Use Voice Commands to Format Text?

What do you think? You can talk to your machine to make your words sound cool! Google Docs can do it for you. Just tell it to bold, italicise, or highlight something. It works like magic!

Is Voice Typing Accurate?

It might not always fully understand you, especially if there is a lot of noise or if you talk in a strange way. It will get better at understanding you if you speak properly and use it more.

Can I Use Voice Typing on Mobile Devices?

What’s cool about that? You can do this on your phone or computer! Just go to Google Docs, make a new page, and press the mic icon. When you start to talk, your words will sound more fancy!

Radhika Gupta
Radhika Gupta
At Bollyinside, Radhika Gupta is a technology publisher and content editor. Her speciality is selecting interesting articles about new developments in technology. Radhika is dedicated about innovation, and her work makes sure that readers are motivated and informed about the rapidly changing world of technology.


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